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Artist: Dr. Ama
Album:  Split Personali-d
Song:   You Didn't Know
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dr. Ama]
From day one, you was my son, pledge my gun
Don't cross the family, more than just my mans to me
Plans to be rich, see the picture, candidly
Grams to ki's, cramming G's in the pocket
Hating niggas pop shit, that's that block shit
The D's can't stop it, real niggas go hard
Team strong, doing crime in time, what's right
Seemed to lean wrong, don't fuck with his queen when he's gone
Plotting on his green, scheams to be don
Grimyness, I mean, what's the reason
What type of shit he on, showing son more love
Like he more thug, like he pump more drugs
Like he dump more slugs, nigga please
It's all bug to me, getting more bear hugs than me
Got to ignore the jealousy
Ways I'm despising, negative vibes is arising
Can't take the vibes and, for real, for real...

[Chorus 2X: Dr. Ama]
Guess you didn't know, that your wife was untrue
Guess you didn't know, your man plotting on you
Couldn't tell who was who, which ones on your side
No matter what I do, you couldn't see I would ride

[Dr. Ama]
Paper chasing, foundation, O.G. rules
O.T. moves, got the whole team gwopped up
Only thing close to getting case, getting your cock sucked
Great feelings, still and all, the bullshit pops up
Money coming up short, honey acting funny sort
Funny how money brought, evil thoughs to mind
Now he second guessing me, indirectly
Disrespecting me, so I stay close to my weaponry
Sooner or later, I know he gonna step to me
Must of heard his B and be texting me
Of course word in the hood spread, what's good gone bad now
Now I think back, it's really sad how
Things take a turn for the worse, it's blood money curse
Is it, is it my turn for that hurse
Ride on me, why ol' me, how can things come to this
Guns they spit, whole lotta dumb shit


[Dr. Ama]
Patience is a virtue, searched through the hood
A good week later, black hoodie, two dillinger black nines
To murk you, kill you, hit ya team to
But first you, blood in my eyes, time to rise
Suprise niggas, can't believe these was my niggas
Together we was fly niggas, now I despise niggas
What cause the hate to surface, did I deserve this?
War, what's the purpose, another wake service
I still awake nervous, nightmares of a downfall
Reminesce how shit was being around your
All I got now is your tomb stone
Wonder did you really find peace in your new home
Pour out the X.O., til your memory never let go
So many things I regret yo, lost you for the game
Never lost respect though, never, ever