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Artist: Dr. Ama
Album:  Split Personali-d
Song:   We Run It
Typed by: pneumatic, Cno Evil

[Intro: Dr. Ama]
Yeah, New York, Down, Bottom, Let's Get it

[Dr. Ama]
Love the glock nine, Quick to cock mine, Make the block mine
Official heat holder, Dog believe I got mine
War, Is that what yall clowns looking for
Strap up son, Better back up or get clapped up
Street gangsta from day one, Love to act up
S.I. we live wires, Creeping in them black trucks
Do the math, You run with nine niggas in your crew
Plus your sister, Two brothers, You and your boo
Subtract the sixteen shot glock, Remainder two
Incase your Mom or Pops got something to prove
Reload, Throw another clip in, Cock back slip'n
One in the chamber, Start flip'n
Rip'n muscle tissue when the lead start spit'n
We cook beef, Keep the heat hot in Hell's kitchen
Listen, Hard head bitches I get my slap on
Hard head bitch niggas, I get my clap on.

[Hook 2X: Dr. Ama]
Buck-Buck, Gun em down
Big trucks, Run em down
Fake thugs, Son em now
Hip Hop, We run it now

[Dr. Ama]
Me and my constituents burn haze, Plead innocent
Pull out them instruments, Put holes in Sean John
Bong-Bong, S.I.C. the campaign, We let our balls hang here
Till the day I'm slain here, Remain Grain
Bastard child walking a backwards mile, Fuck what you thought
Twenty cents, Dip the Newport
Linger round here get your crew caught
Seven two ohh, Four fours then back to the fort, In the Newport
working sacks, We out for the stacks
Outfitted in black, Ratchets, Black mask, The jux master
N.Y.C. Housing breeds crooks, Where the keys cook
Got the fiends hooked, The V's hooked up
Goose with juice got the D's shook up, Fifth borough semi-retarded
Staten, Police presence thick cause we start shit
Black hearted regardless, Throw lead at the target
Throw lead at the target for real


[Dr. Ama]
Some niggas only bring war in a rap song
Front likes it's just rap then you heard the rap wrong
Who the Don, Get your knaps gone, Get your nap on
It's on, Try to out run the gun get your back torn
Sleep forever, Give a fuck if your Moms and your bitch weep forever
S.I.C., We the terror, Doc A.M.A. A.K.A. Doctor Lector
The bone collector, The chrome tote and lead injector
The microphone profector, S.I.N.Y. Stapleton Project protector
Down for whatever, Known to handle my biz, No stranger to a bid
Wanna split a nigga wig scream at the kid
Gun for hire, Got your team scream'n son it's fire
Made your Queen my personal bun supplier
I ahh, S.I.C. nigga


[Outro: Dr. Ama]
Smoking, Drinking...