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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ Blackk Money, Blackk Starr, Young G
Album:  Split Personali-d
Song:   Stick Up Chronicles
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Blackk Money] (Black Starr)
I got it laid out, some time these bird ass niggas got played out
Blackk Stizzy and Blackk Money in the backseat smoked out
Listen, I'm the brains, you the brawns
Together we the boss, you hold the tail, smoking horses
Inside job, nobody get caught
I'mma bust off if the dreads try to creep something
(That's word to me, I'mma flame the heat, give 'em third degree
Tear the face off the bastard with the plastic ratchet
Stash it, send the stone, these bastards closed casket
Let them faggots know, we savage for the cabbage)
Lay low, got a clean shot, then you blow
If not, grab the gats, cash and hydro
There's a stash under the dresser, in the back
A half of ki of coke, he sent that on the low
Hit the block, left the Tahoe double parked
Thought to myself, we should of waited til dark
Hit the door (shut the fuck up, get on the floor)
Dred gave a look, like you been through this before
(I snatched him up, he licking my gat, click the butt
Open the safe) my man tie the nigga up
(Crazy cheddar, gold 38, twin berettas
In the back of the safe he had a bag full of bezzles)
Stepped outside, jumped in the trunk, threw it in drive
Leaned on the tint, and contemplated on the crime
(Four lanes, flip the high beams, radar screens)
On the B.Q.E. (doing a buck O 3)
Snatch the heat from my side, threw it on safety
(We in the field) counting the cheddar (big bill)
Dr. Ama glanced up (said we conquer the mill)
We on top, (my motto won't stop), don't stop
(Running up on spots) pushing platinum drops
(She rocking ice by they sock) freezing cold (whole squad)
Bigger than gold

[Dr. Ama]
Closer to achieve our goal
Listen as the saga unfold

[Young G]
The fight love with no feeling, rules with no healing
Drugs with no dealers, guns with no killers
Jakes, no plots, cops, no gwop
Crack, no spots, the bar, no shocks
Ape with no city, thug with no pity
Milk with no titties, Frank with no Nitty
War without guns, squads with no sons
Fights with no funds, like ladies with no buns

[Dr. Ama]
No more petty crime, slinging crack dime, the cop shines
Kidnap the offspring, letting the bloodline take time to mastermind
Pick the target, single with shit, sorta retarded
On your dearly departed, sware we finish once we started
You sware, this is our year, attack from the year
Make our demands clear, put the squeeze in the pot just like the bear
Realize the high stake, hate like Bill Gates deader than steel gates
Could be our fate, plotted out, no room for mistakes
December 8th, the weather cold and blistery
Four masked men in a Lincoln, loading artillery, let's make history
There she is, ya'll cats ready to take care of biz
Glock pull out, grab a seat, threaten to part of his wigs
Stress stay in the car, that's word bond, keep the engine on
Police wrong being, Kev bring the storm
Corner forty dudes in Grand Central, Hax' cock to get you
Scream, I split her wig like a gensu
Snatch the girl, ran back, hopped in the black Continental
Peel off, switch whips, slipped in the green Cammy rental
Dress the Lincoln with lighter fluide, put the match to it
Flames burn through it, burst til the con do it
My man Sylvester had the low bread in Portchester
When in his basement, place the stash of small caucasian
Her rich daughter, mami holding cash like Rich Porter
The bitch outta paint on how she spoil it, best follow my strict order
Or she have a daughter toss it, fuck a body in the water
Leave no evidence, cover every point to pose his neglence
Overstand me, move to plan B, for dead presidents
Stick up chronicles, evil thoughts, that what moke and chronic do
It's all real, to live we die by steel, ain't nothing comical
Would you sacrifice to save your loved ones life
Think about it, would you pay or make 'em pay the final price