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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ Yaniece
Album:  Split Personali-d
Song:   Real Wit It
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Yaniece]
There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do for you, baby
I don't care what the others say, now that I found you

[Dr. Ama]
Never would cross me like the broad E-V-E back in Genesis
You kept it hood, that's good shorty, know what the business is
For them dividends, I can show you what a menace is
Insane for that paper, duct tape 'fore I scrape 'em
She down for the caper, always there to ride with me
Even if I'm wrong, she side with me, that's my with me
Better still Beyonce, ma, be my fiancee
Cruise the world, out to Cantanase as the entree
All you gotta do is stay true, do what the don say
Give birth to my seeds, who urks what I need
Here's a dutch, some weed, go 'head twist that up baby
Don't study me in these p's, with that smuck, baby
Picture me jeopardizing us over lust, baby
That's brazy, I may get some head on the side, maybe
Never sheets, you so into me, pretty brown eyes
Thighs and ass an asset, no liability

[Chorus: Yaniece]
You feel a scent of comfort in the place we share
No other girl compares with taking care of you
What other lady drives you crazy, takes you there
That you screaming

[Dr. Ama]
O.T. move, she so improved, she my ride or die chick
Driving me insane, every time she riding my
Dictionary, don't posess words to define my shorty
Wear a ring and Chanel get taught to refine my shorty
Shimmer gloss lips, diamondback and head drips, exoticness
It's hard to test, hips spread lead by the eroticness
The heads real, killing off rest see-through
Lay ya back spread eagle, you know we how do
Make the legs on the bed weeble
Wobble, drop zoning, boning got that ass moaning
Groaning, out to conquer like a Roman
Empire, numbness takes over your entire body
Ma is a hottie, pour two, put up your chain
Type to take the government, put it on your name
Disrespect my wifey, I put it on her name
You my heart, my #1, you my mans, mmm, damn, understand


[Hook: Yaniece]
Here comes the drum, here comes the drama
Ready for war, we fully armored
Value the code and trust in honor

[Dr. Ama]
For sure, to me, you more than just my baby mama
You held me down, held a thang, when it came to drama
There to provide, when I was bed ridden, stuck in trauma
And there on the riviera, putting the scama
Fuck a side bitch, let it been known to my bitch
Fuji's D-A-B, nigga, why would I switch?
Caution, broads beefing with her, quick to tossing
My two cents, smack your teeth out, get out who you sent
She my wifey, of course she's in my plans, see the blueprint
Invite friends and family, have a small wedding
Have it all, go hard, cuz heaven's where we heading
Have a few seeds, give you what you want, provide with two needs
His and her Lamborghini's, 80 foot yacht, two keys
No, not two ki's of soft, literally two keys
Please believe me, won't deceive, now I'm wearing new sleeves