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Artist: Dr. Ama
Album:  Split Personali-d
Song:   Quiver
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dr. Ama]
D-R-A-M-A, came out tonight to play
See who I can lay, my G on
Team strong, all family, no peons
Lock thighs with Miss Vibrant, and her neon
Through the pass like Seon, see if honey catch this
Then some lame niggas pulled up on some next shit
Pardon me, mami, later on, spar with me
Said she show love, watching her, enter the club
Damn, didn't wanna have to, injure a thug
Fronting cuz they rolling on dubs, what the blood
Those bad looks can turn into bad luck, nope
Oh silly me, so what the fuck you eye drilling me
Niggas be killing me, fake gangstas on some sweet shit
Eat shit, ya'll deep dish got ya'll in deep shit
Popping that weak shit, we get it popping on some heat shit
Bitches you love and sleep with, be baking me dick
Do our thing, while you niggas hang on Memphis Bleek dick
Find us in the club, fifty deep on some street shit

[Chorus: Dr. Ama]
Them'a quiver, shook niggas shaking they boots
Who deliver, real gangstas get loot, get loot
Mami body quiver, like she dance for Luke
Quiver, quiver, make ya body, shiver, shiver
Quiver, quiver, make ya body, shiver, shiver
Quiver, quiver, make ya body, shiver, shiver

[Dr. Ama]
Go on girl, you shake ass like you grown girl
Quiver to your favorite song, girl, it's on
Act up, make that thing back up, drop it
High back up, make your backside erupt
Insane the way you move your frame, untame
Hot to death, set the whole terrain aflame
Move, everybody want, shake, everybody want
Dance, everybody want, party, everybody come
It's loose up in here, fatties everywhere
The way them buns shake, she stumped out under her gear
Party's packed and ain't nobody playing the wall
Even them thugs having a ball, it's just lodi
My nigga Chris supply the bass and rhythm, Dr. Ama speak with wisdom
Do we tear it down, ma (for shizzle)
Keep the mami's poison hot like heat-anism
This is type function, nobody fronting
DJ got the bass pumping, tatas jumping
It's getting hot in here, rip off your clothes
Let them drinks flow, toss up the one double O's
It ain't a really party less ya'll shake ya bodies
Sipping something, steaming blueberry like Bob Marley
When I say it's off the leash, my dogs barking
When I say we come in peace, the log sparking
All the honeys I see up in here, sparking
Done up proper, where Brooklyn? Love to Big Poppa

[Chorus 2X]