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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ Blackk Starr, Block McCloud, Castro
Album:  Split Personali-d
Song:   N.Y. Get it In
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Dr. Ama (girl)]
Staten get it in, Brooklyn get it in
Hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle
Bronx get it in, Queens get it in
Hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle
Harlem, get it in, Y.O. get it in
Hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle
L.I. get it in, Upstate get it in
Hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle
(Cash, cake, bread, gwop, feddi, dough, hit that block
Cash, cake, bread, gwop, feddi, dough, hit that block
Get that money, get that money, get that money, get that gwop
Anyway you gotta see it) New York get it in (please believe it)

[Block McCloud]
New York been always born with the swagger
Throw the rocks, so you might get torn with the dagger
Doc Ama and Block on the same track
So lay it back, but you know they both want the drama
Cuz when heat pop, pop corn ya
If you softy like a condom, and we'll hang you like an ornament
Thought I was a nice guy, killed 'em with kindness
Screw on the silencer, killed him in silence
It was on the health, kid, I filled 'em with iron
Eating off the '90's, I'm still on retirement
I don't got a day job, I just network
Don't have a boss, my middle name is Yessir
Might get hurt or lay up in the dead dirt
Dumb nigga running out the club with a wet shirt
And today's sweatshirt, yeah summer in the city
But no water gun when the tech squirt


Black block assassin, fuck asking you laughing
You niggas step way over your brackets
You gon' feel it before you see us crack this heater
Heavy breathing, we just scoring the three
Finish then lead it, teaching what the benzo wait
Smacking your face, taking your plate, robbing your gate
Said fuck it, monster the eight, bitches who wait
I ain't never seen a dead man read clan for taste
Scared of your waste, I'm raising the stakes, changing the pace
Giving them one to taste, give you haters something to hate
Keep it gully, bringing it gully, shiesty get bubby
Grimy and hungry, none of ya'll witness, touch fuck
The ice, buy me a gun or a knife
Embarrased, stay up north, had ice, please believe
Beats is there, see you twisting the leaf
Stay on my feet, stay on the creak, stay on the creep


[Dr. Ama]
On it like I need to be, chasing greedily
Make no mistake, got a taste for the cake
Face off with jake, police be like our dudes zoo full of apes
They feel like I do, down ass broads
G for the ride, to great wit the rhyme thing, greater wit the crime thing
Haters die, invade the brain when the nine bang
This is all in mind, then ya boy got issues
Official, got pistols that dispatch missiles
Gridlock, make ya shit pop, make the strip hot
Snitches, keep ya lip lock, bitches, eat a stiff cock
Gunning, keep ya fifth cocked, getting bread even if the lead gotta lift cops
We don't give a fuck here, you can get a nut here
Death before dishonor, that's how we give it up here
Sacrifice your smut here, block block let the glock rock

[Blackk Starr]
Murder vacating, we busting that gat
Fuck is you doing not busting that mack
Niggas is wack, real to the five
To a nine ID, let me kidnap that
Let me get that strap, kinda like brat, rat-a-tat-tat
Brrrat, mini mac that back
Living a lie, haters wasting my time
Now we spraying my nine
Niggas don't know me O.G. more, less low key
Ring around the rosey, pocket full of chromey
Be where the girls be, murder ma
Kept co co co co d