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Artist: Dr. Ama
Album:  Split Personali-d
Song:   No More Games
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Dr. Ama]
I'mma make the whole world know my name
I'mma take the microphone, show my flame
Put rap in a chokehold, no more lames
I'm oh so serious, no more games

[Dr. Ama]
Dark Skinned is ours, send express to shifty
Cream 750, material chestnut
Fresh cut, passenger, side chick, Scandinavian next month
We them niggas, who gon' test us?
Caught dude, ten MPH on the dash
All crew, I stack the blow, ten on stash
Old regime gleem, rulers of the tri-state
We migrate to the club, where the coverage our rate
Why hate, in the corner acting all irate
Fix your face, keep your eyes straight, homey, cuz my apes
Eat gorilla food, feed on goons, plotting on my cape
Lead by the bang, so die by the bang is my fate
Migrating, chasing that paper ridiculous
Move meticulous, can't compare no crip to us
So get with us, add on, with no crabs
Costing to grab on, we be about it
Snitches get they blab on, 7 O.D. to death
Never jump shit, rather put the fifth to the forehead early

[Chorus 2X]

[Dr. Ama]
Kaboom, guess who stepped in the room?
Dr. A-M-A, crept in your girls womb
Feddi fiend, heavy green, way down the pickets
I'm sick with this, make them fake sick with this, this year
For dividends, easy work, work, get it in
Simpletons Stapleton, S.I., crush simple men
Simple and plain, mentals insane
Credentials the grain, take heed, S.I.N.Y.
Where apes breed, thirsty, suffer from rehearsal
Totable cake needs, straight cheese
Cat pass the Henny, white bowl, pass the haze, please
Best believe, I'mma rob something, clown niggas
Try to squash beef, but me? Resolve nothing
Mind define portable M-6, with stain clips
With twin pulls ready for war, ready for war, get sent cause
Pay with my life, label my life for yours
Don't matter, two ki's, two hundred G's a breeze
Fifty g's a sneeze, forty caliber squeeze
No chatter, lay it flat, no flatter, matter fact, die snitch, die

[Chorus 2X]