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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ Block McCloud
Album:  Split Personali-d
Song:   Move Me
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dr. Ama]
Clowns told me give it up, caution to the wind
I don't give a fuck, ML 450 need a bigger truck
Don't set up now, bitch, my bitch, let me get a nut
Wash your teeth when we got beef, I see you'se a bigger smut
Figure it's MC, the pedigree, I'm mistakable
Basicall you envy me, just cuz I'm out caking you
Keep doing what them haters do, for the sake of you
While ya'll be knocking on the door, I be breaking through
Battles you be may win one or two, I be scraping crews
Never loss it, really never knew what it takes to lose
Principal in the school of hard knocks, crazy Joe Clark to the hard rock
Lean on me, if you want to
Me and my team keep a little gleem to taunt you
Jooks what, nigga, S.I.C. we crooks, what
50 first album, hot, second, aight, the movie, not
Book sucked, third album took luck

[Chorus: Block McCloud (Dr. Ama)]
On the strip getting that gwop (that move me)
In the V banging hip hop (that move me)
SK's and P's and glocks (that move me)
Fake tough talk on the block (that don't move me)

[Dr. Ama]
I'm not your average Joe, on the block, I'm battling more
G-O-D with the savagery flow
Swagger for sure, skeet a stage, engage in war comfortably
Half of ya'll fun to me, other half cunt to me
You losing when ya feds hunt for me, N.Y.C.
None pararrel or perpendicular, D-R dot A-M-A
Spray words that be ripping ya
MySpace, iTunes, eMusic, use it
Connect minds, polite recite, D5X refine
Connect lines, two G, respect mines, swine's off the menu
Nines toss the men, duke, 7 to the Cypher Divine
Cross the venue, rhymes for the mentals
Two hundred eighty gig, external hard drive
Wisdom's moist sweating what the God drive, focus Queen
Scope the scene, ma use the double D's, promote the team
Sex sales, so I'mma boost the game like Nextel
Force feed you raw hip hop til ya neck swell, vicious vermin
Parrots in ya T-Rex frail, yes hell we gon' keep doing crime, so set bail


[Dr. Ama]
Get it together, now why would you wanna lock the game
Run up in the label office, quick, cop the thang
Contemplate, should I sit and not pop the thang
Doc's deranged, hard for me to see the block the same
Stop The Grain? MCA tried that shit before
S.I.N.Y. is back, muthafucka, been through war
With battlescars and war stories that'll rattle stars
Tarot cards couldn't see the future
Staten Island Criminals, came together strong like the sutra
Shoot ya, anyone of us will, everyone one of us real
And we all lust to kill no need to brainstorm
Accumilate like grey clouds, you know how rain form
Fans tired of the same song, that's like a nympho brain warm
Last debating off the same poem
Unlikely, search the globe, find nothing like me
Google Doc Ama slash Nightbreed, aight B?
Mic device held tightly, long slang precisely
It's a fact, D&D tracks leak through like anthrax
So all competition stand back and hold ya man back