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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ Blackk Starr, Stretch Strong Arm
Album:  Split Personali-d
Song:   Lay 'em Down
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 4X: Dr. Ama]
Roll up, load up, cock back, dude yelling
Hold up, pop that, lay a nigga down

[Blackk Starr]
I'm back, the six three, brown skin, tragedy
Off line, block and hate, don't get mad at me
Slap ya face, take ya face, expose ya buns to be
You'se a cock lover, snitch loving cock sucker
I got more pull in this street than a tow trucker
I'm feeling full cuz I'm eating and I'm so gutter
I hope ya number one gunner got his aim straight
We ain't all sitting targets, sitting, watch you pick our plate
Flow retarded, back to blow you bubble wrappers
All you ucking rappers, show you what this ucking mack is
I'm a lover and a fighter got the total package
Got the jam jammers, leaving all my fans bananas
My music bring together red and blue bandanas
They rep they set, but enjoy the show, toke they hammers
All the honeys quick to pull they panties, know they love me
I look good but violate and I bet I'm ugly
The way I spit this track, you get so touchy
Wanna know where to find me, where I be's at
I'm talking to all niggas, sticky like some bees wax
A fan feeback, to the crowd you can keep that
When they pull the thang, the thang, no hesitation
G-O-D, birth of me, I know hell is waiting


[Dr. Ama]
Pigmenation black as night, my heart's blacker
Bastard child, son of a bitch that is to clap ya
I fiend for a killing machine, that's my addiction
Doc Ama, the room in affliction, I clean the friction
One sick fuck, live for the quick buck
Rather get my dick sucked for that quick nut, then I dismess smuts
Married to the streets, but you know I cheat on her
Just cuz she's a freak, let other niggas eat on her
Spread her love, that's why I dump slugs, make thugs leak on her
Hate it when I see NYPD beat on her
A love/hate affair, my thugs anxious here
We drug pagers here, masked gloves scrape ya hair
I load up, roll up, cock back, fuck where the cops at
Pop that, blow off a nigga crown
Keep the four pound, cuz so often niggas clown
S dot I dot C dot see gwop
Beat twat, squeeze glocks, snitch niggas, please stop

[Stretch Strong Arm]
This is a vintage, malicious thoughts of many existence
Equipped with the heart of steel, of many apprentice
Whose job is to seek and destroy, any resistance
Feet, head, hands chopped off, fuck forensics
Earn a closed casket, dream team is different from you bastards
We dumping at the wake at the masses
Nothing in the, myst of traffic
Bitter in the sadness, I love ones life forever taken
Or I love ones loss, lives forsaken
As long as these pigs ain't getting scammed for the bacon
Kidnap they kid, drop 'em off with they neck rung
Back like Asian, Puerto Rican, it ain't a race age
Love/hate situation, it's based on the way you thinking
So bomb me, body language speaking
Most got fever, fuck by the decon
See what happens the jeans leaking, emphidemines creeping
The smell of crack burning every weekend
The smell of back burners, steady heating
Play the back burner, the youth is speaking
Or feel back burners that move you weaklings
Born and raised in the constant struggle
I ain't glamorizing shit, just exercising muscle
If I ain't, get it legit, I got a jooks and I fuck with fire
Get at ya bitch, I got a bitch with a bubble
Fuck boo, fifth tucked under the snorkle
Gon' ride when the beast up on you
H.K., B.K., when she pop up on you
Boy, you swear something sweet up on me, til she release that
M.P., and ride on the precent for you

[Chorus 4X]