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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ Blackk Starr, Young G
Album:  Split Personali-d
Song:   Keep it in Da Street
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: Blackk Starr (Young G)]
This for all the gangstas, hustlers, liars and the cheats
Killas on the block, twisting up with the heat
For all those who cop coke and got beat
First rule to the game (keep it in the streets)

[Blackk Starr]
Blackk Starr, a.k.a C-K-K-K
I've been doing this since Shaft days of black spades
Where that trey eight, poppa recline ya mindstate
For that big eight, about face, open a safe
No cat or mouse chase, leave not a trace, two from the chrome
Bad on the dome, rip out the phone, grabbing her dope
For the heater flow, no one to know, this is between us
Team what, think I'm locked up, still getting swoll up
Patrol what, things done change, since I've popped up
You owe what? I'mma jooks that, burn that shit up
Your girl bitch, that bitch shacked up, dick in the guts
Ride the buck, reverse cow girl, gargling super nuts
Smoking shit, that'll creep up on ya
Like Sisqo, make you keep your heat up on ya
Won't miss ya, when I cock and blam ten on ya
I told ya on ya, like sket Kelly and be called a sipper
Hot melo, skept caught on my liver
Expose the pussy, getting paper and air triggers
I'm official, my verbal four-four blow missiles
Niggas sound like white record bitches on instrumentals
Check my credentials, see while you bitch niggas were poppin' pimples
I was, poppin' at niggas with them nickel plated pistols
Owning bread in the streets, whole different effort
We play for keeps (the code) best respect it

[Chorus 2X]

[Dr. Ama]
First of all, I thirst to brawl, I'm the first to call
Ted Bundy and Gacy can't face me, I'm the worst of all
Niggas can't see me, they like Stevie with shades on
Gay like Trey Songz in the gray thing
Pussies catnap, ignore the fact that I'm napalm
Thugs hunt, dogs cuddle under these nuts to stay warm
I'm hot, Dr. Ama, no stranger to drama
Go to war with Osama with a rusty old llama
Tell ya man, I'm more dangerous than the Taliban
Sell these units quick, even quicker to sell a gram
Feds keep my name in them telegrams, tellin' scrams
To snitch on me, send his bitch on me, to make 'em switch on me
Counterfeit clowns, more fake than funny money
Cock the four pounds, scrape son, take off your sunny honey
Deadly Rhyme Alter Man's Attitude, suck a fifth of Absolut
Chase that with 99 bananas, face facts I'm bananas
Stay strapped with 99 hammers a nine for each of your 99 bammers


[Young G]
This Young Goon, don't watch no cartoons
I'm on blocks with gwop, exchanging shots with the cops
Operation get money, listen homey, don't be no dummy
Little nigga, you can move these bricks for me
Fuck being up in some bitch tummy, let them hoes know
It's about the dough but you can suck the dick, honey
Ain't got no time to waste, on grind
Got grams to erase, mad paper to chase
Here one's fact you should face
While G down to catch a drug case, got mad slugs to face
Jealous niggas try to stop a nigga from eating
Cock the hammer, pop 'em, drop 'em, leave 'em dead leaking
My dude, beware of that slick who, trynna have 'em seed
Always talking how she need the dick more
Suck a nigga off til her lips sore, jaw tight
She get tight, ask her how much she sucking dick for
Born poor, but got plans to die rich, you can talk to the cops
But I'mma pop off and watch you die, snitch
If your bitch fucking with your head, slap that ass
If a nigga plotting on your bread, clap that ass
Jealous niggas wanna see you dead, blast that ass
This for niggas snitching, to the feds, blast that ass, I'm out

[Chorus 2X]