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Artist: Dr. Ama
Album:  Split Personali-d
Song:   It's Mine
Typed by: pneumatic, Cno Evil

[Intro: Dr. Ama]
Confucius says, You cannot combat thought with thought
You must combat thought with word

[Dr. Ama]
Lyrically blessed, With the mic device I'm obsessed
Publish a track by 2-J-R-S cat for progress
Thought process, I call that pornography
Sick technologies, Spit shit retardedly
Wipe out your whole geography, Verbal acrobatics
My apparatus slaughters the average
Emcee, Endorse the ways of the savages
Split'n your cabbages, With weaponry from the module
Philosophical like Socrates play on Aristotle
Combined, The mind the rhyme manufacture
Rapid attacker, Genuine like the bachelor, Come'n after ya
You can run but can't elude the rule-less tactics
Predatorily acts with gats, Pushing your knaps backwards

[Chorus: Dr. Ama]
Common haters, Imitators, Dyslectic lyrics
Agitating assholes, Analyzers, Muff divers
Musical mimes, Stupid people of the universe
It's mine, (Did you bite it?) Yeah
(Are you stunt'n like you write it) Hell yeah, Well it's mine

[Dr. Ama]
I verbally cut sharp like a scalpel purposely
New laser surgery with no anesthesia
Pain grips your membranes, Lames sustain amnesia
Heart rate palpitates, Manipulates your blood pressure
Breathing fluctuates, Come test the texture
The pain injected to the cranium, Insane professor
And this profession, Testing the so called word perfection
Can you afford this, Verbal assault on the cordless
Fuck your squad and fake A&R's that ignored this
Answer me, You can't plead the fifth degree, No amnesty
Hip Hop-athology, My dynasty deadly like cancer be
Emits power, Blows massive holes through your fortress
Competition can't resist, You done off more or less


[Dr. Ama]
Not having it, Complete sounds like maverick blast'n ish
Ride off in the sunset, S.I. number one threat
Felony, Homicide first degree, Armed and dangerous
Approach with caution, Rhythmic lyrics, (It's miscellaneous)
Teflon coated hollow tip thoughts, My mind's stainless steel
Projectiles aim fire, My brain's trained to kill
Lay your shit down like a mattress
Guns that spit dum-dums that numb your fame work like paralysis
Drama's who I be, We'll feed your pain through an IV
(Toss ya) You white like ivory, Watch you D-I-E
Never heard of this, Murderous, Vicious verbal superbness in your lifetime
One rhyme make the biggest ball of white mine
Watch I shine, Like the North Star, They no comparison
You battle me bum ass nigga, Your babble'n embarrassing