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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ Blackk Starr, Block McCloud
Album:  Split Personali-d
Song:   I'm Down
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dr. Ama]
Down to pull a ratchet out, clobber nigga quick fast
Pistol whip him, crush his mid-ass, give him whiplash
Down with a goon squad that's down to getting quick cash
Down to put these beats on your man with his bitch ass

[Block McCloud]
I gets down and dirty, dirty, I gets down
Ain't doubt the kings, but still get down for my crown
And I be down and knock a clown ass, nigga off his stilt
I'm down to earth but still make a mountain out a molehill
I'm so ill, I'm down there, under the weather
I'm down to bring the heat, like a coat filled with feathers
I'm down to fucking scrap, down to bust my gat
The only time you gets down, is when your frame touch the map

[Dr. Ama]
A warmonger, gun sponsor, no contest, so bonkers
Benini, that's me, shoot thug, no apoligy
Quick clip bitch, lose the purse, toss the wallaby
Game tight like a crisp cream pair of Pradas be

[Blackk Starr]
I see things from the bottom up, won't ever catch me looking down
See the problem punks, too many bitch niggas around
Jacks wising up, they wanna keep you with a frown
Keep you with a pound, hoping you lay niggas down
G's rhyme rough, that's the trey to this life he chose
That's the pay to this knife we hold
Play brave for this life I hold, look Kev don't fold
Get stuck fold, nigga, Kev gon' roll
In the past some men praised me domes, my time perfected
So when I spaz, better leave with some hoes
You wanna dance, you see the shuffle before, but there go the flow
You sware it's a two-step with the four

[Dr. Ama]
A beast on these streets, these words through mechanisms
The amplified sound like when I pound the wisdom
Beef? I keep heat and I'm down to get 'em
Street sweeper, more down, every clown he got with him
Straight cheese, you can't escape these, spread like scavees
No if's, ands and maybes, baby baby's grown now
Coming for the throne now, gunning for your dome, now
Strictly, nobody shots, gangstas are you with me
Yessir, I ride certified G, they heard about me
4, 6 niggas gunning, murder about three