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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ Blackk Starr, Haxaw
Album:  Split Personali-d
Song:   Get it Straight
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Dr. Ama]
You know it's S.I.C., and we gotta get a plate
Feddi fiends, steady green, got to get it great
Tired niggas better get involved, get in shape
Haters mention me, spell it right, get it straight

[Blackk Starr]
If you'se a g, rep your set, love your whore
From cap king worldwide, let's get this shit in the store
Who do it like this, pray I don't fuck with Crys'
Now only thing that shine is the sked on my hip
Keep running your lips, like you Boss Hog or something
I rob you playa, leave you in the morgue or something
S.I. tradition, making niggas swim with the fish
We turn the heat up, we like to scorch it hot in this kitchen
Ya'll niggas is bitches, stop fronting, duke, play ya position
P.Y.P., we lust, gets money and weed
Cuz ain't no P.Y.T., gone ride for free
She dealing with me, the above average nigga
Any chick I fuck with, spend cabbage nigga
Live lavish, nigga, my trust gone rugged and sucks
Scuffed Timbs, wifebeaters, sweats oldy as fuck
I'm starving to truck, don't catch me in the back with a duck
And you can, keep the movie, black bury you duck

[Dr. Ama]
Let that thang bang, he a snitch, be sure his life your aim clamp
With the copper, the dime dropper, under a strange name
Last month played the same game, real talk
The hustle game changed, find that rich nigga, twist his main frame
For you make that snitch brains hang, dump two inside his main dame
Execute the broad, and watch the lame sing
Wanting to explain reasons why he dropped our game's name
Scream at me, I be tackling like Terry up in these lane's thing
You already know, life's like a game of c-lo
Two choices, bend like a bitch and let your heat blow
OG's told me, boy, get money
Old heat your homeys, may get funny
Remember in this wilderness, wolves get hungry
Better gun me down, you can't sum me
Rock lover, 24/7, block hugger
Black glock rubber, grip tugger, sick fucker

[Hook: Blackk Starr]
New York, we getting money, and trap it in the south
And Cali-for-ni-a, bought game banging out
New in M-I-A, spit chick Trina out
Before that, how Akinyele say, put it in your mouth

We not hot, we ashes ya'll
Heavier than ten tanks when we mash ya squad
Trash get charged merking the handcrafted card
Haters flossing, ammuninating, need to pass the BAR first
Come out your face, I will blast it off
Other than that, cop the album, the tracks is war
More or less it's that pure you been asking for
You know, hot punchlines over classic bars
We on some S.I.C. gangsta shit, masks and arms
Run in your place of residence, gat slap ya mom
Snatch your valuables, eat up all your snacks and I'm gone
Haxaw, bitch, let me hear you repeat it, it's on
Let's get it straight, I'm a G with a capital G
Couple of little r's, dead stiff, I'd rather you be
Cocking a hammer, 13, chopping bananas
Then kept my head inside the books, cuz I was proper with grammar
Now I simply display the story, let it unfold slowly
I do my dirt soly, I ain't looking for no co-d
Cut a nigga quick, have him running with a slow leak
And dip, no DNA left for the police
To get, I'm a smooth that be ain't a cat doing this
Whisper two rounds at your chest, for your foolishness
Send a couple more, wrap them cats that you moving with
Watch how you moving, kid, your life I've been ruining it
I don't give a fuck, I've been tight on some stupid shit
Driving my vehicle through the p's, pumping the newest hits
Scarf on, license got the slammer and the poodle in
This is me, raised by the streets, staying true to it
When I'm in the booth, it's the truth that I move you with
Drop a couple jewels, give you tools to manuever with