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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ Blackk Starr, Block McCloud
Album:  Split Personali-d
Song:   The Don'ts
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dr. Ama]
Pause a moment, peep my prolific melody
Peverse mind, paragraphs main, my slang of weaponry
Inner sight takes flight, recitors reaching new heights
Poetical fright, one minute past midnight, when I ignite
Perfected manuscript, I'm quick to rip it, jump tracks, restricted
Taste the bitterness, from the lips when I deliver this
P.L.O. manuever, covert like Pakistan militia
Causing heat blisters to all the latest sound system transisters
Perverted monk, the sick scientist, you know who the giants is
New York alliances, so harder for defiances

[Chorus: Block McCloud (Dr. Ama)]
Do and don'ts, but don'ts is what you do
Who should know just what we going through
You don't, but you talk, can't walk in my shoes
And do you know just who you talking to, you don't
Do and don'ts, but don'ts is what you do
Who should know just what we going through
You don't (go against the grain, that's hazardous)
You don't (feed on the pig, that's savageness)
You don't (shit where you eat, that's ignorant)
You don't (approach with heat, I'm beligerent)
You don't (put your hand in flame, fire burn)
You don't (shit on your man name, liars burn)
You don't (it's on yourself, but being foul don't do it
Haters only do what they allowed, that's true shit)

[Dr. Ama]
I'm not that drive-by nigga, I'm that high, my nigga
Remember me? Released three, bye bye, my nigga
Hopped back in the V, get high, my nigga
How high, til the brains I get left fried, nigga
Switch stitches on 'em, get fly, my nigga
You be an asset, attempt to try, my nigga
Them S.I., Bedstuy, E.N.I. niggas
Them Flatbush, B.X., One-Two-Fifth niggas
There's rules to getting figures, I figure fools don't follow rules
So I let the hollows move through niggas


[Blackk Starr]
You dudes act like you new to this, falling asleep arguing over foolishness
When it's time to place, no team can run through this
Superb defense which is unstoppable, not undroppable
So we practice, street life tactics
Can view past confrontations, gun blazes
Bring 'em to the table, murder niggas like Cain did Able
We all brothers, ignorant drug smugglers, gun busters
Straight up and down, so ruthless hustlers
In this game, it's either rags to riches, or rags and dishes
It's all about how you conduct your business