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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ Haxaw, R.B.I.
Album:  Sex, Crime & Audiotape
Song:   Yeah Yeah
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Hook: R.B.I. (sample)]
Gangstas, hustlers, ballers, players
Thugs, bangas (yeah, yeah)
Mamies, hotties, shorties, honeys
Cuties, lovelies (yeah, yeah)
Twist it, roll it, light it, blow it
Love love, smoke it (yeah, yeah)
Hennessy, Grey Goose, Malibu
Punk juice, sip it, toast it (yeah, yeah)

What up Miss Lady, we've been segregated too long
Bout to snatch that ass up when they play this song
I can see right through them jeans, straight to your thong
Remember me? The flyest nigga, at your prom
Let me touch that, I wanna feel your heat
Feel this beat, keep my business discreet
Look like, the kind of woman that can put me to sleep
Got the pipe that can stop your leaks, you can't forget
Risky, I, sober you up quickly
Make you forget, you was even tipsy, I can be
Tricky, but I'm not, I'm straight up, alot
When I'm straight up, I rub against your spot
Hit it til you drop and stop twitching, somebody coming
Why every time I tell you to stop, you start pumping
Got my hand on your pumpkin, holding you firm
Waiting for eruption, and we taking turns
Let it burn for my people that's, feeling the shit
Just be careful who you deal with, don't waste
No time, analyze immediatly
Lesson one, from 7 O.D.

[Chorus: Haxaw]
7 O.D., we got what you need
From the east to the west to the north to the south
You know the route, ma, put it in your mid-outh
Sexy, mamies, you can roll with me
Got bud, blaze it up, L.Q.'s raise it up
Tonight, ma, stay and fuck, we got to stay in touch

Ma, this'll only take a sec, I ain't here to small talk you to death
I'm feeling you in that dress, and loving your steps
A playa just wondering if, you can see through the stress
Allow me to bless, what's beautiful in you
Capital H, I fill up voids and leave scrapes
I wanna fuck, I ain't trynna date, I got enough hate
So if not for nothing else, ma, let's just get it straight
You looking good enough to eat, won't you give me a taste
I'll be gentle wit it, the S.T.S. is all tinted
But we can save time and hit one of these stores if you wit it
Yeah, I'mma beast when it come to the sweets
Catch me in the woods, deep, steady fogging up Jeep
Windows, check the indo, after that, I'm falling asleep
Fuck if you like it, you can take a hike, bitch, I'm on some life shit
I'm living it, you need to try some, or go and buy some


[Dr. Ama]
This is for the passing me, baby girl, what's it gonna be?
Shorty got her eyes on me
Plus I'm bout to light the sour die', take it straight to the face
My apes in the place got the things just in case
I'm bent off the bombay, mami, looking like
A niggas next fiancee, ass thick like Beyonce
Prop on your poster, kid, fog lights focusing
Looking for the opening, shorty quickly closing in
I'm noticing a scent, Miami glow, J.Lo
Heels Via Vego, this lady bout the pesos
(Hey yo) real gangsta, that's how she screamed at me
Seemed sassy, nasty for sorry, throwing them jeans at me
Whispered in my ear (daddy, listen real clear
I'm here to chase away the fear) Said she love it from the rear
Rear to the exit, strictly on some sex shit
Next weekend, back to the club with the next bitch