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Artist: Dr. Ama
Album:  Sex, Crime & Audiotape
Song:   We Be Hustlin'
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: Dr. Ama]
Make moves, get money, on grind, stay hungry
Any means, it's about that green, we be hustlin'

[Dr. Ama]
Stay on grind, that's the only thing stay on mind
Stick niggas up to, my head stay on nines
Crime is second nature, no matter what the caper
We and my team, out for that paper
Non-stop, for the gwop, get cash, fuck a cap
Get ass, no time, quick, mami, suck the cock
Back to the block, got to get dough now
G's up, hoes down, feds coming? Slow down
You know how shit go down, D's come around
Behind tho, fade yo, be easy, lay low
Got though, it's ok, yo, fiends never say no
Lay low in the back of the clock, the cops pesos
Straight forward for them bankrolls
Leatherheads take to let the thing blow
Dick stay deep, but miss thang grow
When I pull the thang, let that ten go
Nah I never change bro, attitude rude
I'm that dude, eat a nigga food in the tango
If the strip get you hot, we relocate
Ain't nothing to a homey, we hold weight

[Chorus 2X]

[Dr. Ama]
Gotta make ends meet, so I hit the concrete jungle
From cash flow, watch a nigga blow from a bundle
Of heroin, from here on in, me versus him
Us versus them, may the best thugs win
Don't sell out, when jake bust, bust back, fuck that
Me and my niggas shoot to kill, you can trust that
What's that? Lurkin' in the shadow, scheamin' on my gate
Let's penetrate, that the nigga post weight
Face your fate, you're living in a false state
Of existence, thinking you can take mine, with no resistance?
And actuality, my reality is full of gang bangers
Stick up kids and drug slingers
Cutthroats, making power moves to ki's and g-notes
He who tote, gotta get the cream is what he quote
The streets far from sweet, in this land of milk and honey
The milkshower, and honey said she wanna get that money
Son is bitch, ain't no such thing as thugs that snitch
He's scared to death and scared to pitch
He's bitch, ain't no such thing as thugs that snitch
Scared to death and scared to pitch, hah