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Artist: Dr. Ama
Album:  Sex, Crime & Audiotape
Song:   The Warning
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dr. Ama]
It's that crazy bitch
Hollering at 5:46 in the morning, crack of dawning
Now I'm yawning, wifey all in my eyes
(Doc, who's that hitting you, and why?)
It's my man Tameek, from across the street
Said he in some beef, and need to speak, yo, ma, go back to sleep
I'mma take this in the kitchen, so I won't disturb you
In the kitchen, now, calm down, yo, what's the word, boo?
(Remember that night, in your V, in the backseat
Me sucking your dick, you puffing weed all in the Blackstreet)
Maybe, I remember shit kinda vaguely
Besides, you suck me off, don't come wit having my baby
(Nigga, don't trip, you said to holla at you
If I needs a little grip, homey, look out for a chick)
I don't think so (what? Trynna play me like some stank hoe
You know how this game go, run through your bank slow
So, think fast, or I put you on blast wit ya stank ass
Holla when you get the cash, quick fast)
Damn, shorty trynna get me for my paper
Damn, shorty trynna get me for my paper
Damn, shorty trynna get me for my paper
Damn, shorty trynna get me for my paper
(I heard about the ice bagari, the black Ferrari
Wit the Cali license plate, out of state
Heard you moving guns from SK's to four pounds
Plus your chick bath on some Brooklyn bitch across town
I even heard about your second bitch, said you pay
Humongous paper, nigga, I'mma scrape) for the undertaker
It's gonna be alotta tear crying and why oh why'in
Bitch, you come around my wifey wit the lying
What you think all the condoms for?
Never hit it raw, got a stack of Trojans in the drawer
Plus I feed bitches the meatloaf, you cheap joke
Come here and deepthroat, drink crum, beat ya feet, ho
Damn, shorty trynna get me for my cream
And this ain't a dream, honey's ain't always how they seem
It's the one that play the side road, suck and swallow
Then back to extort ya black ass tomorrow
Bet ya Ama won't slip, I keep the stud tips
And the rib rubbers wrapped around the dick
So I can tear out ya innocense, put ya body in some strange positions
Then bounce back against the wind
I'm not stupid, don't believe in cupid
Nah, no DNA for you miss, I gather loose pubics
Leave as I came, no cum stains, on what remains
Of your socket, your ass and lubes, should of packed it
Opt it, extra hacks in the pocket
So I can explode a whole load in your asshole
Fuck around and get hardcore
Beat that pussy til it's sore, no grease in ya backdoor
Feel the nuts, slap the butt
The more weed smoke I puff, the longer I fuck
I don't give a fuck about you or your point of view
What you gonna do when Doc Ama come for you
I'm not the warning, bitch, you must be dumbing
So long, I hear my wifey coming