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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ Scooter, Vexe'd
Album:  Sex, Crime & Audiotape
Song:   U Still Live
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dr. Ama]
Another homey slain, look like it's gonna rain
Ride out in homey's name, hustling's a lonely game
Guess it's a hood thing, a bad and good thing
Off to a better place, so I got this wetter face
Gangstas be congregating, create the cypher
Always wanted two niggas out the way, hyper
Two tokes that tell the cess smoke, pull out the XO
To memories we made, never let go
Thirsty to find them niggas, pull triggers and let go
I'm vexed yo, so you stop fucking with them clown niggas from get go
Let the old tech blow, uphold your name
These days it seems real dudes up and sold ya game
Snitches deceiving, still living and breathing
What are we achieving? Moving ass backwards
Proving ass niggas, got this? That's a no-no
Rewind time in my mind, play it back in slow mo

[Chorus: Dr. Ama (Scooter)]
Fallen soldiers, life's not over, in our hearts
(You still live) you live through me
We in the club, popping bub, to your memory
(And you still live) you live through me
From the V.I.P, to the day I rest in peace
(You still live) you live through me
Bigging your name up, raising the thing up
Banging the thing what? Forever claim ya

Pour out expensive liquid on the V.I.P. carpet
Roll up the haze and spark it, for you, I'm gonna live it
Prison and grave visits, make it the hardest
Things that we did, made an artist
So I peace off ya kids, your old earth and your wiz
If it was me, I know you do the same for prezzy
But you got me out here, lonely, missing my homey
To change my thoughts, I gotta go O.T.
Cause our time reminds me of we, and that can't be
Damn, nigga, this can't be
Life without my co-d, why was I set free
Maybe, so I can speak, teach and reach, atleast
O.N.E., yeah, man, I be happy
Young gods, playing with odds, that's not crappy
Push stars, playing with cars, that was you and me
It seem so long ago, I bust a four
To the sky, it's either that or cry, rathed make the metal
Hollow then wallo, I rep for Mookie, J Peace, Sterling and Psycho