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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ King Just
Album:  Sex, Crime & Audiotape
Song:   Sound of Pain
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dr. Ama]
Ain't nothing like a war to get ya blood up, blood in
Blood out, running, guns out, get ins
Come out, twenty inch spun out, we out nigga
Chicken at the victory, and digging some buns out
7 O.D. the elite regal, eagle eye
Locked in the pace, race wit the speeds of a sequel taste
Pain is all my people taste, we chained in a secret place
Set war like no man can, there's no equal race

[Chorus: sample (Dr. Ama)]
Ah ha (ah ha) ah ha ah ha
That's the sound of pain (stained like acid rain)
Ah ha (ah ha) ah ha ah ha
That's the sound of pain (please weed, ease the pain)

[King Just]
He who laughs last, last laughs the best
It ain't funny when we start running up in your rest
Your vest won't help you, Staten boys Bellevue
That's them dudes who pop shit, oh, they ain't tell you?
They call me Human Torch, nigga, my darts'll melt you
And have you intoxicated just like LQ
That raw Cadillac at you, ugly duckling
They thought he would grow up to be nothing
He was something to watch, essential to hip hop
They call him Father Time, cuz he worked around the clock
Non stop, cuz he earned his spot
Ya'll niggas in trouble since I hooked with Ama Doc
Mr. Orvelle Ghetto Glock, I'mma make sure it pop
I ain't Snoop or Pharrell but I drop it like it's hot
On the block, fuck the cops, we the Stones like The Rock
Park Hill, ma leak a deal, nigga holla at me ack


[Dr. Ama]
Dr. Ama, won't hesitate to let the HK or AK spray
Committee, S.I.C. we be, Staten Island Criminals
Residuals we chase, exchange grands for papes
S.I.N.Y., we replaced man with apes
It's evident, Stapleton, New York, be the resident
My sons got guns big enough to drop an elephant
We elect dead presidents when we vote
Fuck George Bush, only bush we hail is the smoke
Thou provoke, if not, we joke, if not, throw shots
Promote the glock, give 'em bigger holes than an open twat
Dubs love it, open, deep throat and cock
Gangsta swag, fake thugs, you a wanksta fag
Staten Island got more grain than sanka have
Hop up in the plush trucks, hit the club, plus must
Bitches lust us, snitches scared to discuss us