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Artist: Dr. Ama
Album:  Sex, Lies & Audiotape
Song:   Shit Poppah
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Dr. Ama]
Son, you'se a big shit poppah
When the beef is on, you know where to find
I heard you run and snitch to them coppers
Mad pussy, that's just how you get down
Son, you'se a big shit poppah
Talking real greasy, but you know you a clown
Keep stunting and get hit real proper
Fronting on me, it could happen right now

[Dr. Ama]
Doc A-M-A on some Staten, New York shit
Pull that thing out, where the cake, nigga talk quick
Hustlers go hard for that gwop, shit, don't floss it
I know you think you gangsta, but gangstas don't talk shit
You cop a four-fifth, but you too pack to toss shit
Saw you on BET stunting, I lost it
Platinum handle wit the glowing piece, on some cross shit
You soft bitch, tired of hearing you talking that bullshit
Surrounded by two g's, son, you look akward
Ask around town, finding just how the hawk spit
Your main bitch wanna fuck, stay on some stalk shit
Told her be easy, ho, go suck a soft dick
Straight outta my mind, draw the line and I cross it
Stay palming the nine, lose ya signs, cuz we floss shit
Approach me wit the beef, show me that you got balls, kid
All ya fake faggots need to come out the closet
In the B wit the windows down, room by ten in P-H
Hammers get to blowing, blowing
Throwing each and every round, hit you all up in your face
Leave your melon swollen, swollen