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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ Kemotherapy, R.B.I., Vexe'd
Album:  Sex, Crime & Audiotape
Song:   Roundz & Roundz
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Hook: Dr. Ama]
Haters you can hate, birds you can come inside my gate
Cuz when the label drop this plate
We gonna blow, then we'll be straight

[Dr. Ama]
Out of S.I.N.Y., where a dudes attitude kinda fucked up
Tell you pa, rap stars know you get stuck up
Other niggas wanna pop shit from a distance
Listen, shit pops, you get popped, come up missing
Use glocks, to unscrew tops, son, them snitches
Her twat, all you get is cock, fuck them bitches
State facts, stay right and exact, no apology
Love to get my duck sick, fuck chicks periodically
Coke and a smile, keep 'em open and wild
She's a pro, this ho deepthroat and with style
Niggas wanna wife 'em and buy 'em the ring
Fake thugs, mean mugging, you'se a comedy king
A broke boogie night nigga, best to run the facts, nigga
Yappin' out your flap, have a nigga laying flat
Slugs hit your gut, exit out your back
That's that, now your love ones dressed in black
Rounds and rounds we throw
If you want beef, then my heat gon' blow
It can be a nigga, or it can be a hoe
You wanna show your ass, then my guns go blast, that's for though

[Chorus 2X: Dr. Ama]
Rounds and rounds, we throw
When will the beef stop? We don't know
When it come to weed, burn haze or 'dro
When it come to these streets, gotta keep the heat, for sho

I spit lava, hot ass, heat burning rocks
Playing in my fields like playing with two glocks
Cop hot potato, murder one, no play, yo
I'm quiet, but I will lay you down
Understand, now, I see life
That's how it be, right, who a smooth lay back nigga
Love smoking, love liquor
And I love a good time, don't get it wrong, nigga
But I'm quick to jump, quick to give a nigga a thump
Quick to leave ya ass slump, and throw your ass in the trunk
Duct taped up, shut the fuck up, I spray mace in your face
Come through and turn it up at your wake, what

[Chorus 2X]

Watch that left when I hit, cuz I'm tired of your shit
It's been a long time coming, you gon' stumble when I hit
Got a style that's physically fit to push bricks
Never force it, ease right in and move quick
Ill defense, my pretense can never be lies
Rock your not, the truth, then, split your eyes
Risky Business, that's me, make you remember
When I square you up, smash your face, from here to December
2007, the born year, we open the gate
Fate won't let you stop me, I'm one of the greats
Been listening for a minute, and I'm not impressed
You not gon' like me, I wear the truth on my vest
I fight well, but I can spark those, watch those toes
Aim tight, a sharp pro, watch your hoe
You whistling your words cuz your mouth got
Twisted in the scrap, and your security's taking it in the back, nigga

[Chorus 2X]

I be all quick like The Matrix, no doubt or basic
You low like an old musket, flowned and rusted
Be my style out, in the rain, a drop wouldn't touch it
Play the game, on some rugged attitude, fuck it
I don't give a shit, nah, grow like a pit
Still bite when bit, make a bitch nigga, quit
Make a nigga bitch toss it up like Makaveli
Alize and Henny, brought the thug outta shorty
So I put a thug in her, you know how we do
Left the spot, blowing smoke, damn near blue
Got in the V, took the key and the blood money
Lay it on the line, let it just dry when sunny
You spilled Crys', now ain't shit funny, I got this wrapped
Like a mummy, honey's stay bent over on her knees, for me
Just in case, I wait late night, a little horny
You know the style, doggie, if you feeling froggy, jump up

[Chorus 2X]