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Artist: Dr. Ama
Album:  Sex, Crime & Audiotape
Song:   My Prayer
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dr. Ama]
Lord I grow weary in this world that we live in
Ain't driven, come save your misguided children
One wave of your hand, you can stop man from killing
Seems to me, you sitting back chilling
No disrespect, but I can't take this neglect
Got a nigga yay close to kissing his tech
And I know you don't like these words, but that's how I talk
Slay to the rhythm in the streets of New York
This is my prayer, so most high, lend me your air
Why must the babies born here, live in fear
I pray that the Catholic priests fight the beast
Please let these young choir boy feed cease
Let Israel and Palestine make peace
Find religious common ground and calm down
Please father, can you touch the heart of Osama
Call off the car bombers and stop the drama
And yeah, I see you dealt with Saddam Hussein
No more homeless in the Ukraine, begging for loose change
Free the people of Iraq
Free the minds of those who hate me cuz I'm black
Pray the media, learn to tell the real truth
They real loose, make enough shit without real proof
Oops, dear lord, pardon my profanity
Humanity cause the rapid growth of my insanity
Society stop judging me, look over my felonies
Notice the grand design that hooked over my melodies
Hoping daddy heart, shine life of understanding me
Teach me to teach my seed to be a better man to me
Let wifey kiss to deciph, on how my life be
And I apoligize for being sheisty
Let her know I love her, you show the divine science, show her I love her
And I won't hesitate to, give my life for her
Open pray, I die before my mother, be a better brother
Cuz lord I don't want die a hustler
In the street with heat, trying to compete
I procede you, thank God, hope these words reach you
Government views are lame, lying to the people
They see through, you open my eyes, made me wise
To this day, 85's pray towards the skies
Amen, feel my pain, nigga