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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ Murda Max
Album:  Sex, Crime & Audiotape
Song:   Murda Musik
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dr. Ama]
Push his naps back, blat blat, that's that
Watch his teeth fall out, show me where the stacks at
Fuck how you feeling, S.I. in the building
Eighth that pull off banana clips worth squeeling
Let police approach me wreckless, check this
Who be Bell or Amadou, here's what Ama do
Doc Ama let the llama do what the llama do
Hot headed, cold blooded, so thugged, hoes love it
Apple bottom turn over, slow dug it, hmm
Homicidal maniac, suicidal tendencies
Look for infantry of goons that's disturbed mentally
Tell 'em king how we get it in (you already know)
It's all goody for that spread, cuz me a fedi hoe
Put your drugs, thick a thug, that's how we give it up
Murda musik, S.I.C., New York, we live it up

[Murda Max]
You dudes better save the riffing, I leave the strip messy
Coroners got 'em do a 'Double Take' like Eddie Griffin
Keep a mack, ain't no tellin' when I'mma flip
I squeeze the hammer tighter than the python's grip
It's Murda and Doc Ama, and the biggest thread to the U.S. like Osama
Clap and revolve you, if I leave the hood, I always come back
Around, I'm like karma, the problem solver
You niggas ain't ready, anywhere I go
I pop bag 'em and throw 'em off the side of the ferry
I love to scrap, but you know you gotta pack a gun or two
Niggas think I'm ya father that's how long I've been sonning you
Pass me the fedi, you don't want them Staten boys
To come through, homey, can turn your brain in spaghetti
My mind's feeling deadly, fuck it if you niggas come
That's more niggas for me to chew like bubble gum
I show you what the business is and how to be behind me
Got loyal niggas behind me, the body or the witnesses
I'm 'Fearless' like Jet Li, respect me
Or get tucked in bed, homeboy, six feet
You cut from a different cloth, I'm cut from the streets
The hoes, you couldn't take a step in my sneaks
It's Murda