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Artist: Dr. Ama
Album:  Sex, Crime & Audiotape
Song:   Miss Bum Bitch
Typed by: Cno Evil

"I know I can't afford to stop
For one moment, that it's too soon
To forget" 2x

[Dr. Ama]
Fuck a Valentine, got to mine, and do a violent crime
Come to your residence, bitch, dump the silent sign
Easy, blow a bag of piff, sip a Balentine
Balance mine, recognizing you the average kind
Baby girl, living a maybe world, shady
Lately I have had the strangest feeling
What the deal, front like you the type that keeps it real and
Everything you do, truth revealing
All that crab shit you been conceiling, do your thing, honey
Painted on face, begging for money
Youse a dumb broad, flowers are funny, can't overcome me
It's evident, all that shit we sharing, was irrelevant
Thought you was heaven sent, the way you sucked the dick so excellent
Hope you got what you were looking for, you little Brooklyn whore
Still stuck in limbo, you half breed bimbo
Well fed hooker, sexing half the thugs in your projects
A bag of smoke, some X.O. for the process
My Sidekick pulling slide tricks to get some side dick
Miss Bum Bitch, I put you on made you a fly chick
Guess some crab nigga got you gassed thinking you high class
But for now, I smack spit out your sly ass
Stay out the hood, matter fact, bitch, leave New York
Take your ass to A-T-L, somewhere, go back to eating pork
Back to your Wal-Mart ways, Target to tie it
Payless pumps, make them buyons stump, feed on fire
Try to make your new man meat, but he's a liar
He's my fan, you can't stand him playing my CD
Saying every word, bird nigga wanting to be me
Saw me on BET, now calling to see me
Yeah, I'll holla, come to your house in the dirty south
Dirty talk, only gets you fucked in your dirty mouth
I got meat, yeah, ma, eat, skeet skeet skeet
Wipe up, good looking on that nut, yeah, aight, smut
B, pick your life up, no dough hoe
Here's a bag of 'dro, got to G.O., Doc A finito