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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ Mr. Green, Pop Da Brown Hornet
Album:  Sex, Crime & Audiotape
Song:   Luv
Typed by: Cno Evil

"There's only one voice to hear
And that's the voice of God
And he's told you what he could do"

[Hook: Dr. Ama]
L-U-V's like 1, 2, 3
You nasty, little mama, let me see
Can't let no fat ass pass me
Move it, you do it so classy

[Chorus: Mr. Green]
Who do you really want to love you, love you
Who do you really really want to, be with you

[Dr. Ama]
Welcome to my bread and so glad you made it
Got an OZ of haze lets get faded
Inhale, exhale, set off the Nextel
Tonight ma, it's all about you, fuck the next L
What's good with the sex, hell, can daddy get that?
Mean he tought you how I boned it out when I hit that
Real talk, I'm Mr. New York, what you thought?
Me coming up short's like G-O-D eating pork
Never happen, from behind, slapping, it's sweawty asscheeks, steady clapping
Deep with my staff and, fill that pussy up honey, never let the draft in
When it come to smashing that ass, no other backs in
What's this, zuh, better not trip
Gifted wit her tongue, get you sprung when she sip
Sip that, sip that, getting real acquainted
Eating the God, them nipples hard, pussy wet, ain't it?
Don't answer, don't wanna stop it, gooseneck proper
Reach back, thong on one side, fingerpop ya
High off the piff, dick crazy stiff
This bitch know how to blow it down wit the lips
Girl fuck the foreplay, let's get bucky naked
Are you a real smut? Show me, don't fake it
This dick's for real smuts, cuz real smuts can take it
Now, shake it, shake it, move it, move it
If you a nasty girl, baby, show how you do it
Move it, move it, shake it, shake it
Time for me to scrape it, take it, take it


[Pop Da Brown Hornet]
From the first time that we met, I knew she was a threat
But my momma said, 'boy, never let 'em see you sweat'
So I held my composure, as she inch closer
My eyes never left her body, god's business, she's a hotty
Here, let me grab ya back, open up the door
Pop the trunk, throw the bag inside, let the engine roar
Headed to the west side in my ride
At first, she was scared to speak, looking so delicious
In the passenger seat, you being weed
From her head to her feet, I'd figure you grab a bite to eat
She was heading back home that night, and out of towner
Since she had three hours, a real downer
What was I to do, be a gentleman, hit a BBQ
For some beef ribs, have a drink or two
We was sitting at the table, having decent conversation
When the sexy mutha, flew off my whole concentration
Are you gonna fuck me, right here on the table?
No, silly, find the nearest telly
What about your bus? I catch the last one leaving
Now I gotta scream, and she got me heavy breathing
Best sex I ever had, I'm not afraid to admit it
So we did it, and we did it, and we did it, and we did it
She said it was great, she said she's glad we had done it
Good check and that effect, was he dances in ya stomach


[Mr. Green]
Who do you really want to crush you, crush you
What you really thinking, the fuck you really thinking