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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ Haxaw
Album:  Sex, Crime & Audiotape
Song:   Gunplay
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: Dr. Ama (sample)]
From Sunday to Sunday (the gunplay) read about it
S.I. New York way (fuck the gunplay) we about it

[Dr. Ama]
We always get bread, on grind, no time to dig the spine
Get head, stunt on S.I., you can get dead
Ask the po-po, that's a no no, the trey ocho
Plus a bag of slow mo, we go loco
Straight jacket, you can't hack it, get on some Hack shit
Let that mack spit, have your body doing backflips
Doc A, the bombay, got me thinking backwards
Counter clockwise, ego, the master cock size
One bag short of a bundle, spaz on the bumble
Tote heat, cuz I don't sleep on these streets like bums do
Fifty shots rang out, niggas can't even hang out
Gangstas know, when them boys approach, best to bang out
Rather die a champ than a chump
Rather have a hammer to dump, fuck being unarmed
My black ass, body found dead in the slump
These dick beaters quick to click heaters, early

[Chorus 2X]

Haxaw been thuggin', I'm a certified gun whore
When it come to rhymes, every line I gots dumb raw
I beat niggas down barehanded then dump off
If I write about it, then you know it's gon' be a jump off
Without a doubt, niggas know I'm dead serious
But it's easy to find out, if you that curious
Hit me when you see me, man, fuck all the leery shit
I straight palm box your ass, that's that period
I gets straight to the point, cuz playings for little ones
The clubs the only place you gon' find me wit little guns
I'm usually wit big toys that be making big noise
You step to me correct cuz you fucking wit big boys
Don't get laid out, underestimating
Check my records, your boy stay under investigations
From all the victims of my previous demonstrations
Trust, you don't want me to have to give you a presentation
We don't fuck wit D.A.'s or prosecutors
And no, we not letting corporate America prostitute us
Staten Island New York, yeah, we got the shooters
And trust, ain't nobody out there alive that can stop or move us

[Chorus 2X]