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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ Desert Eagle, Jack Don, King Just, Lounge Lo, Mr. Green,
R.B.I., Royal Rapper Uncle Breezze, Vexe'd
Album:  Sex, Crime & Audiotape
Song:   Gorillaz
Typed by: Cno Evil

"The gorilla literally crashed the party
Officials here are saying they don't know what caused the rampage
More than a dozen people were injured, eight of them remain hospitalized today"
   "In fact, three loses have been filed so far
    And word has it, the city's attorney, is calling for the animal to be
put to sleep"

[Dr. Ama]
S.I., N.Y., G-O-R-I, L-L-A, hey, let's get 'em
Box cutter, eat his food, cops coming, squeeze the tool
Dr. Ama, he's the truth, Ronell, here's to you
Screw the rules, so we do what gorillaz do
Bang chest with arms, that tear flesh, continue to
Need cheese to climb high, third eye, the visual
Cook bananas, get peeled, Brazil be the ritual

[Mr. Green]
G to the O to the R to the Illa
G-R-E to the E and N, pilgrims
Can't settle these me and some Cali up
Ya ask Green, you better come clean, you need to lather up
And know this, I spit shit to get rich
I hit licks, I'm optimistic, but never content
Whatever you meant's irrelevant
Not enough time to repent, and ain't trying to excempt nobody

[Dr. Ama]
G's know, the Gorillaz in ya hood, G-O
The D's roll, let that heat go, fuck the D's yo
Move that work, fiends go beserk off that diesel
L-Bzo, weed we blow, ask Collibuds, he know
Real talk, clowns come round, let that steel talk
Think he still talk to police?
We gon' kill ya'll, bitches still hawk for money
We don't feel ya'll, still ball, never scared
Co-D's, never that, G-O-D, never rap
Got heat, better clap, New York, Gorillaz, nigga, that's that

Gorilla warfare, name the place, I'm there
Tame my eighth, I declare, monkey niggas brains ain't there

[Jack Don]
S.I.N.Y., bullets in the fucking sky
Crossing these waters all the time, here's the reason why
I got a grudge on any nigga who touch mics
D & G status, we snatch ice and snatch eyes

[Desert Eagle]
I'm an animal dammit, slash bandit, slash cannibal gramming
Like Hannibal, slash Marilyn Manson
Tattoes, duct tape, snatch dudes for ransom
Hundred bricks and some jewels, let me choose a mansion
Killing crews, plenty choose to stamp it, my dogs get dampered
The spirit of you so called champions

[Lounge Lo]
We cake all day, creep all night
You God damn right, we some, damn right, we some
Gorillaz, cop killas, chase skrilla

I admire the chrome metal, cuz every end leave a mark
Every shot is valuable, trace to the spark
Recite what I believe, cuz I achieve alot
Making it to the next day, shots go off and random gunplay
Even on a sunny day, duck
Instincts must stay sharp, fighting is an art
That I mastered, every day you change your face
Your new face get plastered

Joe Young with a gun, swing through and slay son
I'm King Kong arm, crashing through launching bombs
Embrace harm, like the gun in my palm
Fierce foreign, tears don't mean clown when your blood boiling
Haters calling, I answered that
I'm Vexe'd, I vacation in Iraq

[King Just]
Enemy of the State, they call me Choke Arm
I roll up a Dutch and I get my smoke on
Sorry if I had you waiting so long
But the industry ain't paying me right, to write these songs
You done wrong if they think it's going wrong
Cuz I have a hundred Bathing Apes chilling on ya lawn
Silverback King Kong, I'm a rap phenomenon
Killah Hill Gorilla, holla at the God

[Royal Rapper Uncle Breezze]
I'm the Royal the Rapper, Uncle Breezze
I represent, chilling of the 7 O.D.
These silverback gorillas, they all are strong
I'm the Papa Joe Young, call me King Kong
Choke a nigga out with the python arms
And cause bodily harm, in front of his moms
Now ring the alarm, ring the alarm
Back the fuck up, or get hit with bong bongs
7 O.D. is, true killas
Great killas, no one is iller
And these gorillas, these gorillas, these gorillas
These gorillas...