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Artist: Dr. Ama f/ Lady J, Royal Rapper Uncle Breezze
Album:  Sex, Crime & Audiotape
Song:   The Ghetto
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Royal Rapper Uncle Breezze]
I was raised in the projects, a nightmare, in living hell
With broken elevators, and pissy stairwells
You want the facts, you want the truth, about our, young youth
We got 12, year old girls, having sex, on the roof
And crack fiends, smoke pipes, in the halls, all night
And some kids, go to college, and back turn they life
We got stick up kids, who bust shots at the cops
And pregnant ladies, who get shot on the block
No disrespect to the projects, but they raise rough necks
These dudes are rude, they bust you with the tech
Who rolls around in escalades, and Benz or a Lex
With they iced out grills, and jewels and rolex
And the end of the story let me tell you what's next
Alotta brothers get shot, some live, some die
In the ghetto, only the strong will survive
I'm from the ghetto

[Chorus: Royal Rapper Uncle Breezze w/ Lady J singing]
I'm from the ghetto, oh why
The single moms raise children on they own, til they grown
I'm from the ghetto, oh why
There's no peace in the streets, muthafucka police
I'm from the ghetto, oh why
The slums is where I'm from, where niggas, carry guns
I'm from the ghetto, oh why

[Dr. Ama]
Tonight is the night, yeah, one of my people here
Fight fair, make this tight clear, heart don't invite fear
You got the platinum hanger with the icey cloths, oh yea
We might stare, pull the nine mills, scrape you right here
New York, nigga, the ghetto, my apes is hype here
Don't give a fuck what you might hear, or how shit might appear
But crime, can have a high appetitite here
Doing wrong, is right here, simple niggas quick to take
Flight here, guns come out, run 'em out his Nike airs
In the P's, believe the weed smoke, is in the night air
Son, give me a light, yeah, we ignite the blunt here
Huh, light ya ass up, if you stunt here
I see you hard there, but you come here, S.I. New York
Be the frontier, wish a nigga would
Try to front here, beef, you can get it nigga, anyway you want here
Ghetto dudes, get to the point here


[Lady J]
We're living in the ghetto
We're living in the ghetto
We're living in the ghetto
We're living in the ghetto