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Artist: Downsyde f/ Drapht
Album:  When the Dust Settles
Song:   To Tha Stumps
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My stomach hurts and my eyes are itchy
It might as well be Sunday yet it's time for a sickie
Been doing this stuff until the sun comes up
Until I'm wondering what happened to the night is young
My head's pounding, feeling like my brain's gonna blow
The pain off the do' from a lack of H20
I got the know how, but never been this silly
Crawled into bed yet it's spinning, yeah I'm getting dizzy

"Is he dead?" Nah I'm on the edge, give me some space
"Want some bread?" Nah just some water for my face
It's another day wasted, don't want to face the sunlight
Hard to run for cover like soldiers in a gun fight
One night, two days, might live to three more
Going through ups and downs like kids on a see saw
C4 strapped to my head about to explode
A kamikaze mission on the road getting messed up

[Hook - x2]
We went too hard and then we went in too late
We missed a whole night's sleep and I'm up today
You're gonna pay for it!

Yeah I payed for it, I'm out of pocket
I shouldn't have had those, I should have dropped it
It's early morning, I'm running out of topics
I told myself I wasn't gonna do this, but since I'm out screw this
Everyone is having fun, I want to have some fun too
I want to have one, two or maybe three
Depends on my currency, currently anxiety
Has got the best of me, now it's morning
I'm looking at this girl last night, we were talking in our own world
Now it's weird - she can't conversate, or keep a straight face
I think what you had baby - it was laced
Oh well it's too late, or should I say daybreak
Mayday, mayday, alphabetic J aye
I think I'm gonna crash land in a bad state
I'm out of control, I can't hold a simple conversation
What was I saying again? "Something about the drinks"
That's right, getting pissed is not enough anymore
Let me make a call, I want to taste it, I want one more

[Hook - x2]

[DJ Armee]
Half wasted rack, ounce is full packed
The adrenaline is setting in, dilated ephedrine
Phentermine dream, obscene rock fiend
Haven't slept in two moons but mine's stuck on the same tune

"I represent from midnight to high noon" <--GZA

I still feel it in my system, it's in most of my memory
The walking dead, looking like I've risen from the cemetery
Chemistry and the music, no remedy can fix this
After last night I'll be on six different hit lists
Wishing away, the feeling killing my brain cells
Party time's excellent like I'm living in Wayne's World
With the pain in my head, getting crushed by a vice
Man it doesn't feel good like having dust in your eyes

No light surprise when you've got to pay that fee
A little scattered, what happened after dropping on those friggin knees?
Recovery, it's tough to be
Anything but on your back when you be feeling like an amputee
Amputate my brain, it hurts so much
I need a little sympathy after running a muck
I've got to pay for my sins, hangovers are hell
Or the calm down from drugs when you've been doing so well
I will, sleep through the worst, and don't go to work
Having second thoughts about the next time I go berserk
And maybe I won't, or maybe I will
But if in good time that'll just be part of the deal

*Short pause*

Yeah, fellas night out, 21st, free piss
Stomach like I got no money, give me anything to drink
But what started out as a tough blow
Now ended up like Dorothy, the house twisting like a cyclone
Yakking on the couch, pissing in the fridge
Toilet won't flush and I have to take a shit
Food stains my clothes like red dye
Next day I'm butt naked on my bed with a mashed pie