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Artist: Downsyde
Album:  When the Dust Settles
Song:   Take it Off
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You know what to do, hah

Shit girl, what planet you from? Mercury?
You burning me, hottest bird in the nursery
Feathers so colourful, make a male chirp
Flying round the place with the deadly curse
Yeah, if looks could kill a man
Female coppers got to follow you with body bags
The tempt is there full with sinful eggs
Grace the earth, burn apart, we follow your steps
Your lips are poisonous but taste sweet
Your eyes hypnotise and trap me
Damn, your body slithers like a snake
Curves have a nasty bite at my sight for my pain
Release me from your web of seduction
My dick's starving like veggos at the meat luncheon
I swear, you're serving some dark secret plan
You could be my Queen of the Damned

[Hook - Girl singing]
"Take it off"
Haha, you want me to?
"Baby, take it all off"
Nice and slow
"Take it off"
For you
"Baby, take it all off"

Underwear's hot like the bra section in Myer
But be like Eve before she got tricked by the viper
To eat the apple cause fruit looks delicious
They say you're innocent - I say you're vicious
Cause you make us drop with a look
Steady necks turn heads and open like a book
I wanna read your novel, tell me your tale
Bet your ass got more curve than roller coaster rails
When did you start painting on that boob tube so tight?
It's a wonder your head won't turn blue
Yeah, I'm a sucker for your ripe chest
I like watching summer sweat fall down to your crest
Man it's intense, you make Richard drool
Just at the sight when your nickers get loose
Floating down slowly like autumn leaves
Please take it off and give me the breeze