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Artist: Downsyde
Album:  When The Dust Settles
Song:   Lies of Honesty
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"Excuse me while I light my spliff right now"

Louis Slippaz on production
Smoked out session in Dazastah's lair
It's for all my weed head's, check it

[Verse 1 - Optamus]
I play the part as a pawn, a king, queen and a knight
I'm like an arctic explorer on the hardest of plights
Defy the law of gravity with the way we get down
And getting up, off the journey, like the Himalay peeps
It's like the sooner they see, breaking through with the heat
And molten lava busting through the surface, volcanic freak
Explosions heat my globe and speeches woven the lamb's fleece
Blood runs through my veins, pulsating off beats
Take you all there, *Take you all where?*, To the world's end
Do it in your head like a call from ex-girlfriends
Delving, deeper what you're witnessing now
Is a cloud surrounded round people that I like to call doubt
It's all about, what we did, what we do, what we can't do
What we're gonna do when everybody's gotta follow you
Follow me, honesty is the best policy
A mark's been made, I take you away from mediocrity

Quicksand life got me sinking to the earth
Bad things happen, take the good for what it's worth
Escape all the demons, pushing me to sin
Never try to lock my eyes with the chin
Slowly we fade, just the birth of a memory
Taking many steps off the stride of a centipede
Many see illusions, but fail to see reality
We see the truth, the truth is imaginary

[Verse 2 - Dazastah]
Let me take you to a place, higher than the Andes
I make you see the pain like eyes are getting sandy
It's sweet hurt, like a man in love with a slut
Knuckle bleeding labour, we love making the cut
Days of insomnia, searching for the dreamtime
Soul seeking melodies entrance me like green eyes
Spirits bring the light to your face like a campfire
Glowing in the light, I illuminate your mind
Darkness surrounds, I'm the torture of flames
Dazastah is the goblin who knows the right way
So follow him, through the dab of the truth
I won't open the doors, only show you the clues
Be careful what you say because the wall's got ears
And the grapevine whispers your secret and fears
Echoing in your skull like screams in a chamber
I'm stuck in your head like your instinct for danger


[Verse 3 - Shahbaz]
Hidden like a treasure chest covered with vermin
Cryptic like a bible, listen to my sermon
Burning like a wicked witch, a stake in the heart
A vampire alight, living in the dark
Thrown in the dungeons, looking from the bars
The underground's stone cold, trynna break the cast
I want to run free like the man in the iron mask
There's another one of me making life hard
The reason it's him, it's why I'm locked up
I'm body-snatching my twin, now I'm just stuck
Frozen in time, like the iceman
I kill a cold tear like I'm crying "Free man"
I'm living with heathens doing what they do
Walking like a Roman, stabbing the truth
Kicking up a fuss, revolt like the Jews
So listen to these scriptures and hear my proof


[Scratches by DJ Armee]