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Artist: Downsyde
Album:  When the Dust Settles
Song:   I'm All I Can Be
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Downsyde, c'mon

[Hook - X2]
I'm all I can be and that's just me
And if you don't know what I'm saying, you need to buy my LP cause...
I'm all I can be and that's just me
And if you don't know what I'm saying, then you know what I mean

I'm all I can be from sun-up to sundown
And if you're in my town we'll roll a spliff and have a kick around
With the footy, some mild cookies and some local ale
Peace to fam, and my little brother Dale
Yeah you make me who I am, believe in what I am
Bush poet from the burbs and words just never end
Scotty Babbles, your fame - you can have all
But I'd still be the same man if it hadn't happened at all
Still be working on a sight now, bricky's labourer
Or some sort of shit but now I'm repping for Australia
I got a big heart, I got a Lion's share
And I care about the way the people feeling when I'm rapping
And expressing myself, when I'm live or whatever
And I speak for my people like I'm Nelson Mandela
Or, Martin Luther, I'm just commoner
And anyone I bet I bring the light my name was Thomas Edison
I'm not better than or trying to be, I just got this inside of me
I'm all I can be - a product a society

[Hook - X2]

I'm nothing special man, I just got a knack for spitting
Been writing poetry before I could remember shit
And I'm a body, real name's Scotty, grip is no different
But girl, if you a cutie I'm gonna have to show some interest
I'm no sleaze, please I wouldn't even front
I don't need to act like I got game, that's for chumps
I can be down in the dumps, and have no self-esteem
Like I told you before, I'm just another MC and
I can believe the criticism (uh huh)
And I can believe the cynicism (that's right)
But there's something I get, that puts me into check
And helps me flow so easily over this here rhythm
And I be spitting for the people who appreciate my commenents
Not my prominence, not stargazing like astronomers
This is ain't no Hollywood shit, it's straight out beats and rhymes
And giving you a little peace of mind

[Scratches by DJ Armee]
"MC's drop their mics whenever I recite"

[Hook - X2]

I am what I am, who I am, whatever I am
I am that man, understand?
You're a little confused, I got different views
Like everybody else, but I still stick with my crew
And to you, the listener, the fan
This isn't a depart from Downsyde, it's just something different
Cause I'm ripping up everything I step to, from Neptune to Saturn I'm
Racking up the points like it was Gallagher
Uh huh, that's it, that's what I'm saying
No playing, Op's here for the duration
Tune in your station, live and direct from Babble's basement
Don't be mistaken

It's how I'm coming
When the Dust Settles

[Hook - X2]

I'm all I can be
And that's just me
I'm all I can be
And that's just me