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Artist: Downsyde
Album:  When the Dust Settles
Song:   First Love
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[Verse 1: Shahbaz]
I knew this girl, she was my black birth mother
A pearl I was in love for as well, we found each other
through heaven and hell
Like a brothers show and tell
She raised me from three years old
Brought peace to my wondering, travelling soul
I never left her, everywhere I went she was there with me
She kept me down to earth, she was my gravity
A passionate mist drift of the breese
Until she fell down, down, down on her knees
Just to please these Yanks who borded her shores
Overnight she became a whore
A street walker, a sweet talker
But I understood her pain
It was due to the days of the Queens reign
From the ships of convicts, the crims, rapers, sinners
The chip erased her native memory
Made her religious and now the rest is history

[Chorus: Porsah Laine] {Vocals}
Fly high baby
You know you need me like tomorrow needs the sun
Trust in your lady
You know that I get things done

[Verse 2: Optamus]
I used to see it all
I used to see it fill hope
But now I don't, lost that faith - look how many people be broke
It used to be the land of the free, the Croc Dundee
Now we're backing Bush and Blair on the war for the green
A dollar bill opens a wall, man you know that's all false
Howard sits there in agreement and just waits to be told
She was my love, my belief, now the hatred runs deep
Can't even holiday in Indo cos it's West versus East
What happened to peace, what happened to the happy go lucky
Girl I used to know, but now she's acting all funny
My lifes love, still had pride for the people of Oz
And I'm proud of these soldiers but their lives should't be lost
To some cause that's not our fight, it's not anyones
And it's never gonna end, it's gonna effect everyone
Look at your children and the kids, this world ain't the same
It's like the ignorance against religion, against race

[Hook/Samples: DJ Armee]
"I'm a war President, I've got war on my mind" --> G.W. Bush (NBC's Meet the Press 2004)
"I am the Pyramis"
"I'm a war President"
"Cos I blow up spots like the World Trade Centre" --> Jeru The Damaja
"I'm a war President, I've got war on my mind"
"I am the Pyramis"
"I'm a war President"
"Cos I blow up spots like the World Trade Centre"


[Verse 3: Dazastah]
Yeah, born and raised I was praised at a young age
I got this lady, she was around me everyday
She told me the laws and physics of my life
And whenever I ran amuck she stalked me in the night
She was all that govern, the western commandments
The swings and see-saws, the parks that ran abundant
I thank her for the toy she had made
She was the education system at the first grade
But as I grew older I saw her as a snake
A business head only concerned with financial gain
Destroyed my mother, drilling holes in her stomach
So she could absorb the oil and get a fatter pocket
She never cared about us, betrayed us for wars
So she could control Dad and settle some old scores
A coniving slut that breaks her own laws
She's a gold-digger bitch and now I hate the whore