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Artist: Downsyde
Album:  When the Dust Settles
Song:   Around the Way
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[Dazastah] {Optamus, Shahbaz}
Think they're ready for the encore, you want more? {What for?}
Bringing back the essence of nascence of the brain's corridors
Echoing through your head {Bouncing through the rubble}
Like mother nagging ya, to clean up this mess
Cause trouble lurks, but I'm not here to teach ya
Responsibility, imagine me, as drunk talking silly gibberish
Send ya girl into a trifle, jiggle and wiggle and desert without innocence
{Cause it's hard for a dirty mind to bust nice rhymes}
And the beat's nitty gritty, bouncing like some double D titties
{The Perth city urban masters}
That's when you're asking for more like portal
And I've used it, abusing the mic
Like drunk teenagers when pigs try and break up their night
You won't find another crew that can do the Downsyde
Energy, shaking the floor with encore

[Hook X2 - Dazastah, Shahbaz] {Optamus}
Did you want more, what for? We drop this raw
{We be doing it on stage till the curtain call}
Did you want more, what for? We drop this raw
"I'm saying hi to all the cuties from around the way" <-- Big L

[Optamus] {Dazastah, Shahbaz} (All)
I've never had enough, I'm just spitting the words
Yeah the feeling that I'm kicking, yo I'll never be turned
If you a special desert, but this is just the odd dirt
(Take a seat for a minute cause it's just being served)
I see, OK, OK, it's time to magnify {His life}
Under microscopes so you can see what I'm like
(What the Babbles is all, what the Babbles is known)
To be rocking with my crew or just travel alone
I got the knack of this flow (Yeah the slippery lips)
All the same, said it like before, your ears get fixed
Into the spell I cast, or the web I weave
Or the magic that cooking when I'm puffing on trees
Give me a toke, yeah sometimes I'm just broke
Bare bone, knowing well this seems an overkill
(Yeah we came, we're back, for an encore
Listen to us spit it, now I know you want more)

[Hook X2]

[Shahbaz] (All)
Get ready - rock steady)
C'mon, plod ya head like it's heavy
Back and forth, forth and back
Like the fatal when the DJ's scratching the track
Hey yo (Bring that beat back)
Here comes the snare, the kick - beware in whips
Snapping necks, crushing bones like pulpits
With full quip, my fly style lick
(Hit you where it hurts from the east coast to Perth)
Not concerned about turd from Universal
Thinking about taking it further
Crossing international borders
If can't afford us (Book some other cheap act!)
If you need raps, we speak facts
Like the club, you'll be saying I need that
It's time for me to cruise like the Terminator
(I'll be back, I'll be back)

[Scratches by DJ Armee]

[Hook X2]