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Artist: Downsyde
Album:  When The Dust Settles
Song:   Anyone Can Do It
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[Hook - x2]
"Anyone can do it"
"It's really not hard to do it"

[Verse 1 - Shahbaz]
If the words are the fuse then the fuse is lit
It beat is the flint then the flint's the kick
The high-hat's the match, sparking it
The blunt is the mic and we're passing it
To the left hand side, the right hand side
People make noise for Down-diggy-syde
Burning up the airwaves like a chrome piece
Stuck on blocked ears and burning your feet
Anyone and everyone, somebody, someone
Jump up for run up from sun up to sun down
Bounce like a beach-ball surfing the crowd
We're here to teach ya how to get loud
Move that body, rub that hottie
Push up your lighter, and block that shottie
Smoke up the room like it was on fire
This tune's here and we're lifting you higher

[Hook - x4]

[Verse 2 - Dazastah]
I'm gonna show you a game that I've never done before
When sucker's chase gold medals, I just run the course
I've got the kid's heart, it's all about fun
Things got serious til I kept love
Found out that this shit is filled with cutthroats
Built a steel larynx by busting by the truckloads
A rapper on a mission, nightfalls the carrier
Try to find direction but then I can't plan it
I never gave a damn about someone's status
But if you want it straight up then you are the maddest
The only golden thing I steal is your heart
If you consider me a mate then you knew that from the start
Never built bridges, I just burn 'em
I keep relationships with a gold-hearted person
That is my bling when it comes to jewels
Cause Dazastah hasn't got time for shallow ass fools

"Anyone can do it"
"Anyone can do it"

[Hook - x2]

[Verse 3 - Optamus]
I've got a pension for the people to speak their mind
Cause nowadays it's certainly not easy to find
And I rely on my gut instinct, make you think
Make the whole world stop like a solar eclipse
I've got a hold on the catch trying to run us down
Cause the only thing we've ever been is underground
And I surround myself in my fam and my friends
Yeah, I'm energetic, my stamina never ends
Forget trends and madrigals and such
And I, truck a cab with the label Von Dutch
And reality TV and perfectly PC
And all these body gimmicks that we're covered in knee deep
Take a leaf out of my book and take a look
Around at the outside world like you should
Cause anyone can do, and anyone can say
Whatever they want, kiddies take it away

[Hook - x4]