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Artist: Down/Kilo f/ Nate Dogg
Album:  Definition of an Ese
Song:   I'm Coming Home to You
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Chorus: Nate Dogg
I got to hustle
I got to do this shit right
Gotta get that paper
Sometimes, this shit takes all night
No matter how late
I know she's waiting for me
Cause she's my heina
I'm, coming ba-by (I'm coming home, to you...)

(Verse 1)
You're my homegirl
You're my whole world
Can't you see that
I love you
Put no one above you
But I still gotta do what I gotta do
I'm a hustler, can't change that
But you trippin' on what I do, when we're mad
Baby, don't do that
No way
You know I got your back
All day
You dippin' on some "he said, she said"
I'm trippin', this fool owe me bread
And I'm gonna get it
Bring it back home
Jealousy got you blowin' on my cellphone
Kick back
You know I'm not like that
And when I get back
I'm gonna hit that
Got you in my mind
Girl, all the time
While we in a fight
Almost every night

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
Yeah, I know what it looks like
Comin' home after midnight, smellin' like
Smellin' like cigarettes
Smellin' like chronic
And a little Bud Light
But that's the life that I live
Feel the love that I give
I am what I am
I do what I do to get the grands
Yeah, gotta get this cheese, so we can live
Believe me
These other chicas all around me
They don't mean nada
I'm tryin' to dip doin' Prada
But right now
I'm out on the block
And it's hot
Tryin' to dodge haters and the cops
Won't stop, and I
Can't stop
Comin' home to you when I'm through
So why you trip

Repeat Chorus

[Nate Dogg]      It's three in the mornin', and I'm still not at home
                 In the midst of all, and I'm checkin' my trap
                 It's your boy Nate Dogg, and my homeboy Down
                 Time to waste, not at all, we 'bout makin' our snap
[Down & Fingazz] Gotta make that money, money
                 Money, baby
[Nate Dogg]      More, than I love you
[Down & Fingazz] Just you and me
                 And the money, money, money, baby

(Verse 3)
(Down in background)
[Down]      Hustlin' is a full time job
            Rollin' through the calle with the homey Nate Dogg
[Nate Dogg] Hey
            Gotta get my hustle on (That's right)
[Down]      And that's why, I gotta be gone
            Away from my one and my only
            I hate that you're home when you're lonely
            Yeah, I miss you
            But I can't
[Nate Dogg] Be comin' home broke
[Down]      Make money (Money...)

Repeat Chorus

[Nate Dogg]
I'll, be home
I'll be home
Soon as I stack this cash (I'm comin' home to you...)
As I make this run
Soon as I get my dough
I'll be home
Oh (I'm comin' home to you...)