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Artist: Down/Kilo f/ Snoop Dogg
Album:  Definition of an Ese
Song:   The G Way (Alternate Version)
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[Snoop Dogg] Back in here
             Ha ha
             West coast, west coast
[Down]       What up, Dogg
[Snoop Dogg] Bigg Snoop Dogg
[Down]       We gon' do it the G way
[Snoop Dogg] We got to do it

Chorus: Snoop Dogg {*Fingazz scratching*}
We get the money up front
We-we-we-we-we-get what we want
So quit playin', roll up a {blunt}
And pass that
My way...
Cause we gon' do it the G way
We get the money up front
We-we-we-we-we-get what we want
So quit playin', roll up a {blunt}
And pa-pa-pass that
My way
And keepin' niggas, it's the {shit}
That we callin' a bombay

[Down {Snoop Dogg in background}]
(Verse 1)
Hey homie, light it up
Light it up
Pour some Henny in my cup
In my cup
We gon' keep it G'ed up
G'ed up
Fool, you know what's up {Right...}
We got them girls playing leap frog
Know what I mean, dawg
Hoppin' through my crew, after me and Bigg Snoop Dogg {Ha ha}
The side our G's play
That's the G way
Bouncin' in my six-grade Chevrolet, all day
My wrist kind of icey
Just a little flossy
All the girls love to see how I'm big bossy {Yeah}
West coast
We worldwide
Even getting fan email from the other side
"We love you, Kilo
Te querenos mucho, el mejor Chicano"
I'm O.G. (O.G., yeah)
With no money
Chillin' at the hood house with a Playboy bunny, cause we

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
I'm strictly business
I'm all busi'
Doin' like in Las Vegas
And stack chips
Don't flip bricks, I do it all legal
I'm a ese
Pelo bald like a eagle
And they love it
These girls, they wanna rub it
My truck weigh low to the ground, tryin' to hug it {Yep}
Plus I got beats
I bump 'em old bounce
Limo tents rolled out, while I'm rollin' up a ounce
Train wreck
Got my head spinnin'
And got these girls in the back seat, so willin'
So I'm a show 'em how a G put it down {You got to do it}
Show these homies how to rep for the brown
Bigg Dogg know the raza is here
Kickin' brand new west coast Flava In Ya Ear
Just call me Doughboy
I'm in the hood
Livin' the G way, and still living good, cause we

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
(Snoop Dogg in background)
[Down]       Gettin' what we want, when we want, how we want {You know why?}
[Snoop Dogg] Cause we gon' do it the G way
[Down]       And when you see us
             You gon' wonder how we do it so-so fly {Ah-ha ha!}
[Snoop Dogg] Cause we gon' do it the G way
[Down]       Big money
             I'm schemin'
             American dreamin'
             And everybody knows what's the reason {Yeah}
             Brown Superman
             A brown man with a plan of getting
             Rich, anyway that I can, here's the way we do it

Repeat Chorus

[Down]       You know we gonna do it the G way
             For life
[Snoop Dogg] Oooh wee
             West coast
             We gon' do it the G way
[Down]       It's the homeboy Down
[Snoop Dogg] Can you dig it
[Down]       And the Bigg homie, Snoop Dogg
[Snoop Dogg] Dogg's up