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Artist: Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment
	f/ BJ The Chicago Kid, B.o.B, Busta Rhymes, Janelle Monae
Album:  Surf
Song:   Slip Slide
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Busta Rhymes]
Hahahahah, aiyyo Mr. Chance The Rapper
I greatly appreciate the way you rolled out the red carpet
Allowin' me to articulate myself
and now I stand on my own two below me~!

[Chorus 2X: The Social Experiment]
I don't wanna slip, slip, slip, SLIDE!
I'ma stand up on my own two, stand up on my own two

[Busta Rhymes]
Check it, yo
I'm a man understandin' the plan and I'm on
to be greater than anything, make you a fan in this song
How I stand out and wonderin' what planet I'm gone
The one and only God of kings come from (huh)
A hundred grand on, a child I always ran from the wrong
Standin' on his own two but wanna stand with the strong (hah)
Please get to turnin' on the fan cause it's warm
while I build just a little 'bout the man I was born to be
This whole planet belongs to me (yeah)
We all feel the same so it belongs to we (yeah)
We talkin' all night but this is my birth right
Please can you get to bringin' the crown to me? (hahahah)
Yeah, I know you all for it
You'll only be deemed worthy if you stand tall for it
When you and your men were sittin', yeah I know you all saw it!
This great ship we got goin' on - don't slip

[Chorus] - 2X w/ BJ The Chicago Kid & Janelle Monae ad-libs

Yeah... yeah
I was born on my own two feet watchin' Bruce Lee
'Fore I grew teeth, I had a pen and some loose leaf
Pots and pans when the roof leaked
'Fore I ever smoked mids, 'fore I ever blew trees
Used to drive a hooptie that broke down on me usually
Nas was lookin' at me, pockets was lookin' through me
Never planned on college, I dropped out as a student
My GPA started with a +Decimal+ like Dewy
That's lower than low, that's lower than most
But if you thought I wouldn't make it, you slower than slow
I make the type of music that stoners should know
If I plant one of my thoughts, marijuana would grow
And I'd be high enough to go where I wanted to go (reefer)
Might be covered in glitter but all of it's gold
A nigga got that loud and it's all for the low (smoke)
And everybody sayin' "Aww, let's go"

[Chorus] w/ BJ The Chicago Kid & Janelle Monae ad-libs

[Chance The Rapper]
It ain't so easy... ("yeaaaaah!")
It ain't so hard...
It ain't so, it ain't so
It ain't so, easy

It ain't so easy, it's not too hard ("yeeeeah!")
It ain't so easy, but it's not so hard ("yeeeeeah!")
To stand up, stand up
But it's just too easy, to sit back down