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Artist: Don Cisco f/ Baby Bash, Jay Tee
Album:  Oh Boy
Song:   Breezy
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[Don Cisco]
You can shake this whole world, right
But you ain't never gonna find thugs like us

You ain't never met no thug like this
Believe me
And this is for my breezy
You ain't never had no love like this
Believe me
And this is for my breezy

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 1)
[Don Cisco]
She's like azucar, my senorita
Such a sweet
Tender chica
Had to scoop her when I see her
It's la bonita
This super dad
I had to have inside my vida
Took her to the dome
Like two shots of tequila
Baby, it's Don Cisco
I put it down like Pancho Villa
We all alone
Let's get it on, sexy mamacita
Mama mello, baby, I could take it all
Give it to me nice and slow
Let me see you set it off

[Baby Bash]
Well, I'm a hog in the game
A dawg in the game
A cold piece of work
When it comes to my thang
Some call me guero when I
Stack my dinero, so I
Pack a filero when I
Strike through the ghetto, when I
Pop player collars when them
B-boys and ballers
Make you holla when I scrap the Impala
Through your tizzay
So high, you can't see me
Believe me
And this is for my breezy

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 2)
[Jay Tee]
I'm all about
Poppin' the D's and coppin' the ki's and
And what do you need, and how do you want it
I only came for one thang, so watch me get up on it
I need two superbad clientels (Clientels)
About a
Six sqaure of a mil that brides well (Brides well)
I touch down to start my campaign (To start my campaign)
I got about
Three or four hundred and two dollars into spend on some champagne
Yeah, ain't no stoppin' what you startin', baby (What you start, baby)
So, uh
You with Jay Tee, til I'm depart, baby (Til I'm depart, baby)

[Don Cisco]
I bet you never met a thug like this before
I got that good love, the shit that's irresistable
And chicks explode, like sticks of dynamite, when I unload
Sixty eight
Be your code, call me up
When you ready to roll, and uh
Do it live with me, do you wanna ride with me
Hop inside
Gettin' next to me with some ecstacy (Uh)
This thug love
Ain't easy (Believe me)
But believe me (Fa sheezy)
That's what I love
This is for my breezy

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Verse 3: Baby Bash]
Now do you
Get excited when I
Hit the back and ride it, and I
Lick it and bite it, mami
You shouldn't have tried it
With me
You lovin' me like you supposed to do
And never ever let no square get so close to you (Uh uh)
A cheeky blunt
You know what's up
We doin' big thizzy
Are you my breezy
Cause love and Baby Bash ain't easy
And that's fa' sho
Ask your mammy if you didn't know (Ask your mammy)
From the Valley Joe, Latino Velvet makes your blind blow

I can't wait to touch down
And see her
She my senorita
My breezy
Believe me
Believe me

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus Til Fade