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Artist: Domo Genesis f/ Wolf Haley (Tyler)
Album:  Rolling Papers
Song:   Rolling Papers
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Wolf Haley]

[Chorus: Wolf Haley]
Cut it short, break it down, couple pounds, roll it up
Add heat, kiss the end, let the colored vapors in
Pass it round, counter-clock, let her show her titties, stop
Cops rolling past, rolling papers in the pass-en-ger
Then swag it out, ounces in the bags is out
Bitches and they asses out, money countin cottonmouth
Yeah, we rolling papers over here nigga
Yeah, we rolling papers over here nigga

[Domo Genesis]
My swagger's straight through the roof bitch
Maharishi kicks and Bape tees, I really do this
Snappin necks since oh-five, ain't gotta prove shit
Smokin joints with mixed breed bitches, right where the pool is
I never press, just relax, don't start choosin
Takin notes on how to win, you fuckin students
Left my main chick, now the new bitches I'm scoopin
Stacey Dash type, I'm cheatin and they clueless
I'm from the gang or the pack or the litter
Better guard your daughter or your mother or your sister
Chances are, she is an avid O.F. listener
And when we exit, she'll proceed to exit with us
to the Homestead Suites to drink liquor
Party all night, it's her dream to be with us
She'll tae kwon do anything that we mentioned
Just because she know that we them Wolf Gang niggaz


[Domo Genesis]
I kept it G, kept the good weed fired up
It's been a good year, record labels wanna hire us
But O.F. just chillin, let the fuckers admire us
My shit's so swift, I could game Miley Cyrus up
But if she ain't gon' smoke it ain't gon' happen
Ice water cold, I'm the coldest nigga rappin
Y'all was cool in high school, what the fuck happened?
Still low like Laurel parking ticket is, I'm dashin
Are they gon' pay us, and will they make it rain? Yup
Ignorant as fuck ,but I swear I won't change up
That's a bad call, bitches catch fastballs
Smack 'em out the park, delete their number, that's my last call