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Artist: Domo Genesis
Album:  Rolling Papers
Song:   Domier
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Domo Genesis]
Put that shit in the air, O.G. got me feelin rare
Flashy nigga, I don't care
Pre-roll to my Domier
Louis shit for hoochie chicks who gon' flock in here
Cause they hear, I'm the hottest shit that's gonna drop this year
Stop and fear - Domien the Genesis
Put flames to end this shit, chiefin like I'm an Indian
I don't think I'ma quit this shit, like I invented it
Salute me gang apprenticeship well you can't get no membership
Simple with sentences soft spoken like bitches' lips
Gave yours but here to take 'em back like you rented this
So where my mental is, higher than the sky is
The flyest, the flyer bitches wanna fuck a pilot
Ignited, the weed, the medicator supplied it
The more doobie I smoke, the more heavier my eyelids
Exactly what fly is, comin from the tiiip, top
Everybody wanna hate me like Chris, Rooock
Catch another O of weed at the spit, stooop
Wipe me down I'm blowin paper cause my shit's, hooot
Did you catch that? I'm scribblin outside the lines
Half the cut from G shocks, my bitch said I should buy some time
It's such a movie, this little exciting life of mine
Bong, May bitch, and a half-Asian concubine
Genesis - what is life like for you?
Raps, nice shoes, girls, times two
Fly shit, recognition of my whole crew
I'm that nigga right now, watch me redefine cool
Cool, cool