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Artist: Domo Genesis
Album:  Rolling Papers
Song:   Cap N Crunch
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Domo Genesis]
I got sixteen 16's, and if I write one more song
I'll be at "17 Again" like Zac Efron (DEY KNOW!)
You punk motherfuckers get stepped on
I'm best on any beat that I take a rest on
See right through you like you had mesh on
Hardbody like Rihanna dad, I get my flex on
The best one, my name gets spoken 'bout
cause I spit crack verses that bring smokers out
So now your route filled with unleaded
as I escort this beat to death like the paramedics (paramedics)
Yeah I said, everything I touch is deaded
Tyler directed the funeral, and this just got beheaded
Forget it - the killer's in the booth
and I'm drunk off the serum so, all I spit is truth
And I don't really rap, I am painting on this muse so
how you get killed, using verbally abuse
It's dead, somebody call the coroner
This is what it sounds like when Domo Genes' cornered ya
You're gone - knife to the neck
Just for respect bitch, this is O.F.
Yes I'm crazy, I'm a bastard
All I spit is dirty like pornographic rappers
Now stop~! You're dead honey
cause I eat you all up like I was Ted Bundy
No funny; what the fuck you watchin
I'm a +cereal+ killer, go get your Captain Crunch bitch