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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Infinite
Album:  The Grunge
Song:   Respect
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Infinite (Dom Pachino) {both}]
Yeah, they wouldn't except us to come like this, P., baby
(You damn right) Yo Dub bang that heat for the people
This beat is the flu {it's sick!}

[Chorus: Infinite]
Yeah, we bang it show for show, uh-huh
Yeah, we bank it dough for dough, yo
Record execs be like I don't know, nigga
Give me the check, mister, show some respect, nigga
What? Crank up your stereo
Freshen your speaker, for my studio
Yup, gat and gable, keep it on the globe
It's sick, that's it, gon' blow for sho

[Dom Pachino]
I remember when I first lost it
Tossed it, stumbled then crossed it
Copped it, flossed it, wifed and divorced it
Spit water been out from the faucet, don't force it
I did it, yeah, cuz my wrist was frosted
Like a flake, real nigga, very far from fake
Runs in with the jake, cuz the pies I bake
What? Yeah your life's at stake, if you like like snake...
Aiyo, Dom Pachino be the boss like Paul Sorvino
Last seen in the Porsche with g-notes
And I'm still making moves to the bank on a full tank
Decorated five star rank, get poked with my shank
To be frank, I kick it like my shit don't stink
You go against my battleship, aiyo yo ship gon' sink
I rock steady cuz I be the anchor, you show love, then I'm gon' thank ya
You show hate, then I'm gonna spank ya


Who that fly muthafucka in your twelve inch speaker?
Same live muthafucka that's so crisp in your tweeter
Keep a bad bitch, but I don't need her, you heard me?
I'm gangsta, that's why she love it like everyday
Hop the track and don't slack it all, from the hood Maryland
Prove what, ain't got to act at all
A&R niggas say if you want a little plate
Write a check, for 80 grand and we'll get you signed today
But I ain't really tripping, cuz we ball anyway
Infinite's that vet, so fuck ya'll anyway
Ya'll ain't in the streets, rocking off with the yae
With dirty ass Patty nodding off when he sway
The Bob Marley of rap, coming to your district
Stepping out of line and I'm popping out the biscuit
The Oprah Winfrey'll trap, linen in them Benzes
I'm laughing, and splashing, fantastic, you bitches


[Dom Pachino]
And they don't wanna show no respect
Til they see the size of the whip & the size of the check
And the size of the chain that hang on my neck
And my treat in the passenger seat that's breaking necks
I find it funny how, the green piece of paper can have such an effect
But that's the ways the world and I can't change that
Seem to me, like people know what they see
It's how it be, but, if they open in mind, the peach is fine
Just a little licking of advice
Go and get yours, cuz I'mma get mine