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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Dub Sonata
Album:  The Grunge
Song:   Love of Ours
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dub Sonata]
I used to have this piece of pussy, man, you out of believe me
So dope, so into me, never thought it would leave me
My favorite shorty to cruise with, she always looking too sick
Thick thighs, skinny frame, fat ass with loose tits
You know how I do, I'm done performing, cuz she was always grilling
In the building, always chilling, I was like 'are we feeling'
Each other, now we was, and of course the rest hated
Cuz the turn our story took was eventually x-rated
But I know hate it, disgusted with the love, sick
The way she held my love stick, sucked it, until it busted
Did all sorts of dirty rotten and scandalous nasty shit
God showed me a dime, shit, I told him, man, pass me it
I had to hit it, hit it again and again
See she wore the type of chronic, you don't pass to your friends
And I kept her to myself for a very long time
But began to take advantage of the fact that she was all mine
She was fine, eyes brown like divine
To them she was a nine, but to me she was a dime
Shit, I hit it in it's prime, fed her wine then I spoiled it out
Never thought it out, kid, she put it up, I poured it out
And I was all about it, til she started wilding
Conspiring, lying, try'nna seduce me with a smile
Then I had to cut her off, but I came running back
The ass is butter soft, shit, I had to nut it off, see?
See, pussy's a drug and I was just a user
Emotional abuser, what most would call a loser
But whose the real loser, when you got mad things to tap
And only thing that stopping you's your bitch from getting into that
Not me, hell no, that never stopped me
I did it so much, eventually, I got cocky
And eventually, that sneaky bitch caught me
And I'm stuck, try'nna learn a lesson that she taught me

*female talking*

[Dub Sonata]
Shit got chaotic, like the country without laws
I felt for heart of the bungee jumpers without cords
I doubt your history compares to mine
I gave her diamond out with hoes, from Coney Island or Anaheim
And I rhyme, and I rhyme, shit, it only makes it harder
I guess that's how the groupie bitches caught the did-ick down in Florida
Shit I caught her, I can yearn for her touch, but the air between us
Will smoke me like burning a Dutch, it was lust
Getting in the way of love, glancing, romancing
I was advancing, on any deal that came dancing
In my direction, I hide the section, in the telly
The home girl be smelly, check the numbers on the celly
Nothing she can tell me, til she told me she was leaving me
Sick of me, just sweeping sheets, and she was done believing me
Man, I took it to the heart, didn't know where to start
Couldn't believe my girl wanted to part
But she was right, every night we fight, but never her fate swell
We make up and fuck, then I dip, and go smoked a laced L
She raise hell, that was her way out of the tension
Had a lesson, sessions of aggression and depression
Was it lack of attention, or lack a better word
We called each other names, I sware to God, I thought I never heard
First thought of flying, then shit started dropping
The bitch started popping shit, cuz Chris wouldn't stop in
She was late, you probably fucking the next pole, later
I'm like 'yeah bitch I was fucking your next door, neighbor'
Brandy and Monica style, told my main man's and even
He thought it was foul, told your ass to stay home
But the thought of your smile, brought me to that payphone
Popped a quarter to dial, your number, I get you was up in a slumber
And didn't wanna wake up, sometimes I ask myself, why the hell we had to break up