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Artist: Do or Die f/ Johnny P, Twista
Album:  Back 2 The Game
Song:   Sex Appeal
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(Johnny P)
And ya got that sex appeaaal

(Verse 1, N.A.R.D)
She had a walk too sassy
Approachin' with a dog that looked like Lassy
The lip-stick, and the Fendi, Prada
Kinda lookin' all classy
Psychological tendency, proto-call
Just lookin' at the article
Weed smell on my Prada clothes
Sometimes, I trip on myself
How I spit at these modern ho's
On the two-way, poppin' and droppin' the conversation
And I'm steady staggerin'
Look at the Remy that I had last week off Madison
Tryin'a walk a straight line
But I can't find a pattern in her
I looked at the door
Put my drink on the floor
Cocked my nine when I opened it slow
Half-breed Chinese, sittin' a Lac
And about a hash green, plus
The audacity of the star
Strippin' and maneuver her ass like next to me
Actually, this S-E-X is testin' me
A double P, E-A-L
And it sound like her body is callin' me
But it might be the alcohol in me
And the sex appeal, it keep on drawin' me

(Hook, Johnny P)
Sex, sex, appeaaal
I'm talkin' bout sex appeaal
Sex, sex, appeaaal
Her body keep callin' mee, whoooaa
Sex, sex, appeaaal
I'm talkin' bout sex appeal, giirl, whooa right
Sex, sex, appeaaal, whoaaaa-aahhh

(Verse 2, Belo)
I'm finna get her off, high Hydro
Bump a crown from mista porch
Hey there lil' mama
Do you wanna come kick your heels
In the back of my Range Rove?
Wanna do what'chu did before?
Don't trip, cause "You Already Know"
C-O-M-E-B-E-W-I-X-T, that me, Belo
Just do it "Nice and Slow"
You gotta raise the door
And I don't pay for show
Cause I don't pay fo-sho
You can grab yo' kicks and go
Put on yo (shhh) let's roll
Recognize the G, true ballin'
Do or Die, pimp or die, not fallin'
When we all in, yo club
Chillin' with the chiefs and the dubs
And I got love for the jigga-boos
Pop Chrys' with the niggas, and the bitches too
Dig a bitch out the Grove, like I just do
People say I'm like a statue
Spit the B in yo ear
Take you off to the real, and I match you
Sex appeal

(Hook, Johnny P)
Sex, sex, appeaaal
I'm talkin' bout sex appeaal, girrrl
Sex, sex, appeaaal
Her body keep callin' meee, whoooaa
Sex, sex, appeaaal
I'm talkin' bout sex appeal, giirl, whooaaa, na-na-na-na-naaa

(Verse 3, Twista)
Go kick it wit' my niggas in the drop Regal
Do what? A Twista, Caddy, Po-Pimp sequel
On my way to the club, peek-a-boo motherfucka
But first I gotta roll one, for my people
Hate us for doin' that, saw us
Through Windy City, night crawlers
Who would of imagined lyricals on the legacy 
Cities legendary like, Rap-A-Lot and Legit Ballaz
Shit, let the Mo' pop, and drop the top
Ride like it's summer-time in the Chi
Get'chu blind, to the abra
Blowin' lime to the sky
Rhyme til' I die, tryin' to get by
Lil' miss, lookin' tight in the coochie
Whether it's a Gucci
Love the way you do the jiggy when you walk
Soundin' like you freaky, girl, every time you talk
I know ya aura make the fellas wanna break 'em off
Hear me brotha?
Gotta try to get our feet further
Hit a lic and feed, one-another
Cause all we got is, each-other
I take it week-after-week
And to kick the flows that I freak but, uhh
Roll up on a chick and, spit game
Let me show you how the back seat of a Lexus feel
Take a hit of sess and chill
Girl, dressed to kill
Whippin' that sex appeal
Next appeal?

(Hook, Johnny P)
Sex, sex, appeaaal (Whooaaa)
I'm talkin' bout sex appeaal, heeeyyy
Sex, sex, appeaaal
Said her body keeeeeeeep,
Sex, sex, appeaaal (Callin', callin', callin' meee)
Sex, sex, appeaaal (Callin', callin', callin' meee)
Sex appeal, sex, sex appeal
Sex appeal, sex appeal (Talkin' about)
Sex appeal, sex, sex appeal (Ohh yeah)
Sex appeal, sex appeal (Bring it on, bring it on)

Said ya body just callin' me
And ain't nothin' like an orgy
Back it all girl (Ahhh-ahhh)
Cause a brotha just (Ahhh-Ahhh)
I'm faallinnn, in love with herrrr
Yes I ammm, yes I ammm
Yes I aaammm
Said I'm still right here
Lookin' it at your heaaaart closed
Checkin' out that Prada coooatt