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Artist: DMX f/ Rakim, Shontelle
Album:  Don't Call Me 12"
Song:   Don't Call Me
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[Intro: Shontelle] + (DMX)
Heyyy, yeahhh yeahhh (Wow)
Hmmm (Wow)
Ohh yeahhh (Thank you) 
Yeahhh (Thank you for letting me be a part of this) 
(Thank you)
Don't Call me

I idolized my father, he taught me to survive the horror
Cause times is harder, the skies are darker
Look through the eyes of the snake, see inside the monster
To rise, need divide and conquer
If it's all about money, I don't respect your power, that's weak
They could prowl and devour, they cowards you ask me
Powers that be, mistreat us, mislead us
Thinking eventually we gon' bite the hand that feed us
Some of them, they tried to keep all up and from them
Novus ordo seclorum, E pluribus unum
New order of the ages, out of many one
While the rest of us is calmed out of pennies
None us starving, it's problems we ain't fed quickly
Our brethren's would be the ones shaking heads with me
Jealousy, hate, lust and greed would spread quickly
Don't call me brother if you ain't breaking bread with me

[Chorus: Shontelle] + (DMX)
Don't call me mother (Ohhh)
Don't call me sister (Nooo)
Don't call me brother (Whoooa)
Don't call me father (Don't call me! Don't call me!)

Don't call me brother, we ain't got the same mother
Or the same father, you get down like the other
Don't speak on wisdom when you know you don't love her
Don't shake my hand when you wanna see me under
Don't talk slick behind my back
Don't walk like this when you act like that
You tryna bark on when instead you a cat
Come to your hood like "BAP! BAP! BAP!"
Mess with the kid if you want to
But your mans and them tell you it'll be the last thing that you would do
You built like a scooter, I'm built like a hummer
Was built like a tank, you don't want it baby, uh uh
Stop playing with D, it'll get you hurt
You a girl, you can't play in the dirt, you wear a skirt
You don't know a damn thing about putting in work
With your whole effin blocks up the murder type, arf


It's a start
And they don't know what it is

AY! (14X)

No no no

[Chorus till fade]