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Artist: DMC f/ Rev Run
Album:  Checks Thugs and Rock N Roll
Song:   Com 2gether
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*scratching: "DMC"*}

Come together, make the world better
Be like Run and D, "Tougher Than Leather"
Choose a charity, give up the cheddar
Fight poverty, make a vendetta
Love mother nature, don't upset her
Let the trees in the rainforest keep gettin wetter
Don't kick the puppy, you better pet her
Don't really need to make the mink into a sweater
Leave the bird alone, don't harm a feather
How do they turn a cow into leather
Like JDL on stage with the meta
Don't got no dough, better be a go-getter
Is that anthrax? Watch out for the letter
Mother Theresa was cool, even though I never met her
I'm not the follower, I be the trendsetter
We can make the world better if we just come together

Come together.. right now, now {*3X*}
Come together.. right now

[Rev Run]
For all you sucker MC's perpetratin the fraud
It be the Reverend that never been like ever before
Met the devil and I hit him with a left to the jaw
Came together with my fella DMC once more
This ain't back in the day, we're still stackin the pay
and still rockin to Jay, it's okay now
So forever we'll stay, the most superior trey
Hip-Hop hooray, give it away now
So what'chu wanna do? Got a calibre
to make it top dollar, Hollis is the crew
Man I thought you knew
This rap scholar make your momma wanna holla lovin us since '82
Run spittin and gettin a better livin
And I'm winnin by not sinnin or slippin I just kill 'em all
So when the record is spinnin you listen wishin
you was given the decision I'm hittin you with
All y'all


Right now, don't wait for later
Come together, we can make the world greater
Don't be a hater, be a participator
Come together like Will Smith and Jada
Make it happen, be a creator
Rise up just like an elevator
Cross over just like a crossfader
Be nice just like a first grader
I shoulda voted, for Ralph Nader
No chokin like an Oakland Raider
Give life, be an animator
Around the world just like the equator
Let it fly just like an aviator
Spread knowledge, I be the educator
Wait a minute, WAIT A
See you later, alligator


{*scratching to end: "DMC"*}