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Artist: Doll-E Girl & Mister One f/ Baby Bash, Don Cisco
Album:  I Got Your Back
Song:   Doing Too Much
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[Don Cisco]
You know how we do it, mama
We jumpin' in, we ridin'
Know what I mean?
Got dollars, girl
Shotgun, what
Come on

Chorus: Don Cisco (Female)
You know how we smash, hit ya feet on the gas
Do you really wanna ride with me (Do it, daddy)
You know how we roll, mobbin' out of control
Do you really wanna ride with me (Do it, daddy, yeah)
You see the screens on the dash, heavy tint on the glass
Do you really wanna ride with me (Do it, daddy)
I got a tank full of gas, big bank and some grass
Ain't nobody else ride like me
Let's roll

[Verse 1: Baby Bash]
Now motherfuckers be trippin' on the way that we roll
Cause I don't give a God damn 'bout that highway patrol
I do a donut in the street, while I grab on my meat
Give you the sign, then I'm out the door
Now it's the Playa Made Mexi', backin' on somethin' sexy
DMV hate me, popos wanna arrest me
Haters never test me, mayne
Cause I be towin' 'em
Hog lay blunts
I be rolling 'em
Red light burner
Stop, sign gunner
A.P.B. on the smoke grey Hummer
I think she want the whole thang
She doper than cocaine, I'm ready to throw game

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Doll-E Girl]
Love your bad boy style, that's what drives me wild
You ride like a soldier, but yet
You make me smile
You know how to deal with a lady like me
No drama, no fears that put it word like a G
Always got your back, your best friend to the end
You runnin' in the streets, but you lovin' in the bed
I see you lookin'
Cause they know, that you want it
Baby, you know
You can always check up on it
I'm a down bitch, too, I wanna ride with you
Been there before, daddy, do what you do
Never gonna stop you, change you and leave you
Met you in the hood
That's the way I need you
I hustle on the grind
But keeping me in mind
Whatever you decide, I'm shotgun by your side
Your mafioso Doll-E Gotti, rollin' with your shawty
Told you, "You can count on me," so do it, daddy

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Mister One]
Ridin' through the streets, baby, yeah, we gonna cruise now
Making love in the hood, you do it good now
Come and ride with a player and get your grind on
Like the way that I rhyme, and get my shine on
Don't be scared of the feelin's that you have inside
I'm a show you why, it's okay, to let me ride
You see
You never met no one like me
I'm the one for ya, hope the Mister is your baby G
And you're my dame piece, come and give me a kiss
I heard you never really kicked it with a thug like this
I got you spun now
Goin' wild on my style
The time we have is precious, so let's stay for a while
And do them thangs
We been wantin' to do
Lay you back, kiss your chest and peep your tatoo
And I know you're mine
Cause you flossin' in my Caddy
Can I pull on your hair?

Do it daddy

Repeat Chorus