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Artist: DJ Khaled f/ Akon, Lil' Kim, R. Kelly, T-Pain, Young Jeezy
Album:  We Takin' Over (Remix) 12"
Song:   We Takin' Over (Remix)
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[R. Kelly] + (Akon Talking)
D-DJ Khaled!!!
D-DJ Khaled!!!
and Kels!!!!!
D-DJ Khaled!! (Ohhhhh)
D-DJ Khaled!!! (Konvict Muzik!!)
Akon!!! (Yeahh)
The Remix!!!

[R. Kelly]
All dressed up... ready to go!!
All shined up... ready to glow!!
Drop that top... ready to roll!
Up in the club... ready to ho!
Gimee that mic man I'm ready to flow!
Kels takin ova bitch fo sho!
Pop champagne ready for patrol!
Fire that purple up ready to blow!
Ima tell you like it is young fella
Stay in your place where it be's young fella
Singin ain't all I do young fella
So keep it movin right along young fella!!
Dont-Dont get mad cause-cause-cause Kels
got girls showin him much-much L
Akon tell 'em why we go excel...

[Chorus: Akon]
Cause We Takin Ova!! One city at a time!
Said We Takin Ova!! One city at a time!
Said We Takin Ova!! One city at a time!
Said We Takin Ova!! One city at a time!

It used to be me 8-5-0
Ridge road and fiiiiiiiiiiiive hundred dollars
ye-ye-ye-ye-yes TS we be the best
we dress to impress with a sean john collar
holla if you hear me, bad man coming
fire come out, sugar man runnin
gunnin, rubbin, push it to the limit of receipt
finnin to jump off, jump it (ha)
bad man again I'm the numba one shotta
test the best get your whole block shot up
this is why we hot get your whole block hotta
like ha ha ha ha!
I'm the man right now homey wait your turn
you can't buy the shit that I earn
trust me you don't wanna feel the burn like...
...hey hey hey hey hey!!


[Lil' Kim]
What that do bitch?!?!
I got what you need Kim give it to you real
The highs and the lows however you wanna feel
You want that night out?I got that night grill
You want that matrix?then choose the right pill
fuck I think I do this shit for my health?
same clothes every week and yall ain't seein my wealth
on the low.i keep a bankroll like (Fresh!)
cocktail dress by John Galiano
in a restaraunt owned by Taliano's
I'm a boss bitch my last name should be Soprano
switchin up phones so them boys can't follow
they tryin to lead me to the old adress
I left a note too and ain't been back since
I'm in a new state, a new place with new plates
shit damn near a new face
so by the time they try to build them a new case
I'm gone like yesterday - what?


[Young Jeezy]
Look - I am the streets
real niggas shit and thats word to meet you
she like my wrist so she follow the rainbow
now I'm switchin lanes she tryin to follow the lambo
Can't keep up bitch follow the Range Rove'
but be cool cause my goons in there
and a couple of guns and a couple of clips
and a couple of K's and a couple of bricks
and then I throw it in the pot
now what the fuck that cook like?
Mark Jacobs don't know what the fuck I look like
Hey -this a remix ain't it?
Just copped a new 'rarri and I just might paint it
Just copped a new plane and I just might fly it
Just left atlantic mall and I just might buy it
Stay strapped nigga don't even try it
Pockets so fat I need to go on a diet


[DJ Khaled Talking]
Hears to DJ Khaled the don of data.Big dog pitbull terror squad
AKA the beatin novacain AKA we the best!!!!Danger on this track!!
Marcella what it does!!This is the remix!!We the best... ... 
God loves me... ... Listen!!!!!!