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Artist: DJ Format & Phill Most Chill
Album:  The Foremost
Song:   Diggin' For a Livin'
Typed by: Matt Jost

(Lesson 1:

[ VERSE 1: Phill Most Chill ]
Here I go again, on the road again
Fillin up the gas tank, hit the bank, so I got enough dough to spend
Found a super spot I wouldn't even show a friend
Helmet with the light on, yeah, I'm goin in
This is not what you call light-weight diggin
Heavy-weight, Gotta Be Funky, Monk Higgins
Once I plunder the Soul, slide to the Rock 'n Roll
On that Secret Squirrel/Morroco Mole
Been searchin for this ill record that I still ain't found
You know the title? Don't tell it... (Hah!) James Brown
Made the most dope records you could catch - but
9 times out of 10 they probably scratched up
Boy, you lucky if you find this
Record in VG minus
Condition - man listen
I been diggin all day in a crouched down position
Checkin every damn crate on the floor
Soon as I'm walkin' through the front door of the store it's war
When I'm done, ain't no need to hit the spot no more
Yeah, label it get-clean by a record fiend
Only some of y'all really know what it means
To spend a few stacks on a pile of wax like no prob
It's not a hobby, it's a job
I'm diggin for a livin

(I'm diggin for a livin)

(And let's dig, into every nook and every cranny
Cause now it's time to get paid)

(Oh yeah, give the drummer some
Groove those drums, man
Lord have mercy
Grab that bass)

[ VERSE 2: Phill Most Chill ]
I used to be out in field gettin my hands dirty every day
But now the illest shit I find is on eBay
Records comin to my crib by the shiploads
Multiple copies, that's when I'm goin flipmode
Started as a collector of records in a cellar
From a crate digger turned into a record seller
Diggin at shows, one times this dude tried to shove me out of the way
To get on my crate - I had to check the fella
Six in the morning, helpin dealers set up they table
Just to be able
To get first crack at the premium wax
I go all out, and you ain't gonna see me relax
Yeah, at the door waitin for the store to open
I be damned if I ain't right there when it closes
Wife beefin like, 'Yo, the kids need clothes
You comin in with records, is this where the money goes?'
I told her don't stress it, it's a sound investment
Get it? A sound investment
All these records, I'ma flip these, get cheese
When you see the dough it might make you wanna striptease
But yo chill, this ain't Thanksgiving
We gotta pay bills, you know the deal, I'm diggin for a livin

(I'm diggin for a livin)

(Lookin for a 9 to 5)
(All over city that's the way to earn)
(I'm the man)
(When it comes to a break loop)
(I'm the man, I'm the one, I'm the boss
You call me for (a beat), and I'ma tell you the cost)